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Today’s Message from God: Begin Your Day with Thankfulness | God’s Message Now

my dear child you are destined to succeed in all that you do I’ve promised you this and I will ensure it comes to

pass so why worry when my mighty hand is here to Shield comfort and protect you

don’t be afraid don’t be troubled don’t lose heart my love for you is so vast

and magnificent that if you could truly see it you’d leap for joy and Cry tears of pure

happiness let me speak to you first then you can open your heart to me before

before we continue I have some wonderful news tomorrow when you wake up start your day with gratitude for your life

and let me place a radiant smile on your face begin your day with my words on your lips sing spiritual songs and pray

with the Psalms at night close your eyes feeling thankful for all the blessings and even the challenges you encountered

that day rest your head on that pillow which has seen your tears but now let

Joy Rise From Your Heart The Joy I am filling you with transforming it into a song of Praise I love you deeply know

that my love surpasses all your past experiences I understand that many have let you down and left you feeling

isolated you expected love from them but instead you faced betrayal and saw your

hopes shattered yet I reached out to you with tenderness lifting you up you

confessed your mistakes and sins and I forgave you my forgiveness is eternal I

will never change my mind even if you stumble again I will not recall your past mistakes for through my blood and

Resurrection the chains that once bound you are now broken before we progress on this Divine

path let’s cultivate a garden of positivity hit the like button to plant seeds of inspiration and type Amen to

witness the blossoming of collective Faith your engagement is the water that nourishes our journey in the midst of

your struggles amidst the battles that rage around around you I perceive the purity of your

intentions you do not welcome sin willingly yet when confronted by adversaries who seek to entangle you

dragging you through the depths of defeat remember to fix your gaze upon me I have placed you in this tumult and by

my decree you shall emerge purified rejuvenated and absolved once more your

journey requires steadfast perseverance a determined Spirit to confront the challenges that life presents

your adversaries shrouded in darkness and devoid of Truth Delight in their

Relentless Pursuit they seek to undermine the peace and security you find In My Embrace but fear not the

shield of victory that I have bestowed upon you guards you against their malice listen attentively my child and grasp

the profound depth of my words your love for your family serves as an anchor

fueling your resolve to see them flourish along alongside you understand the significance of diligence of toil

intertwined with unwavering faith in the promises I have laid before you your

blessings will overflow a testimony to the unwavering Faith you hold fast to

even as adversaries Endeavor to divert your path they may have underestimated you viewing you as fragile yet failing

to anticipate your determination to seek my countenance to acknowledge your vulnerabilities and your missteps

hence I choose to Pardon you to raise you from the depths and to Lavish upon

you a Prosperity that surpasses material wealth my presence envelops you each day

empowering you against those who seek to challenge or diminish you no force can

subdue or Vanquish you for my Covenant with you is unbreakable this assurance

extends beyond your personal realm encompassing your family your household

and even those separated by distance or circumstance together we shall witness

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