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Today’s Message from God: Find Strength in Surrendering to My Will | God Message Now

my dear child I bring you a message overflowing with peace assurance and

Clarity even now I’ve dispatched an angel to watch over you as you Slumber Whispering Words of Love inscribed by my

own hand tonight let it be a sanctuary for your weary Soul a Haven where you

can rest deeply knowing you’re cradled safely in my arms feel the soft touch of

Cherished Memories as they dance through your dreams walk again along the path of Hope where sorrow and fear dare not

tread lift your voice in song declaring your unwavering Faith with the dawn any

shadows will dissipate replaced by a newfound courage and confidence as we

weave through the tapestry of divine messages let’s thread it with positivity

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weave your faith into our shared narrative your engagement Stitches the beauty of our journey my child

upon waking you’ll sense my tender affection in the Morning Light caressing your face and bringing forth a smile I’m

always mindful of your heart’s desires ever Vigilant in my watch over you let

My Embrace envelop you throughout the night as visions of the blessings I’ve prepared for you and your loved ones

await your waking gaze the days of Sorrow are drawing to a close today

herold’s joy and salvation even the angels rejoice for you’ve surrendered

your heart to me answering my call as each new day Dawns so too will your life

unfold aesh the past is but a memory and your future gleams with promise all that

was taken from you will be returned hundredfold for every selfless act of kindness you’ve bestowed upon the needy

your reward will overflow despite the slander and attacks of others your endeavors will prosper

and flourish every moment spent in service to me and others without seeking

reward will add years to your life and ignite your spirit with renewed

passion these promises already bestowed in the spiritual realm now await your

acceptance dedicate your first waking moments to communion with me then step forth in faith to claim the blessings

I’ve prepared let no shame befall you for those who oppose you do so in ignorance keep your distance from those

who speak ill for their words hold no weight in my eyes if you seek my voice simply open

the pages of my word reading with unwavering faith hope and loyalty May

Joy fill your heart and strength renew your spirit this day you’ve awoken to a

new life free from restless nights and haunting dreams henceforth your mind

shall be at peace Untouched by the curses of your enemies I stand watch

over your every moment both in rest and in wakefulness my angels surround you

their swords drawn in defense with my hand upon you you’re empowered To Tread upon serpents and scorpions immune to

their venom seek me in prayer and scripture bowing at my feet to receive guidance Faith favor and protection

daily those who oppose you will be humbled never daring to trouble you again learn that faith in me means power

honor integrity and Truth your example will lead many to take spiritual life

more seriously Walk Tall with eyes heavenward do not look back at those who mocked safely held in my hands no

stumbling blocks can trip your feet pay no heed to threats or ridicule if heeded

fear may find footing for real harm later stand Confident untroubled by enemies their efforts against you will

encounter me instead cowardice exposed by Revealing Light have faith you have

already overcome in peace not sparing thought for those blind to your devotion cling to my love

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