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Today’s Message from God: I SEE YOUR TEARS | God Message Now

my beloved child I stand beside you in your trials I witness your tears and

absorb your anguish as if it were my own your cries resonate deeply within me for

I am forever present in times of turmoil the era of Oppression by malevolent

forces draws to a close their unfettered cruelty shall no longer Reign unchecked

my patience is unwavering Desiring Redemption for all however repercussions await those

who persist in dark my righteous Fury ignites against Injustice and exploitation a day

approaches when the pillars of greed and animosity will crumble under my righteous might fear not the impending

upheaval for it is my Divine hand at work before we progress on this Divine

path let’s cultivate a garden of positivity hit the like button to plant

seeds of inspiration and type Amen to witness the blossoming of collective

faith your engagement is the water that nourishes our journey my cherished child

I shall exalt the humble and provide Solus to the downtrodden the veils concealing corruption will be lifted and

righteousness shall flow like a powerful River heralding an era of Truth and fairness stand Resolute until that

Glorious Day drawing strength from your connection to me pour out your soul

before me unreservedly seeking courage wisdom and Tranquility I shall sustain

you you through every tribulation enveloping you in the safety of My Embrace speak forth my promises boldly

infusing life and abundance into Barren places the Heavenly Realms stand poised

to reinforce my living words as they Echo from your lips align your speech

with my Divine Purpose to unlock breakthroughs Beyond imagining know that those who stand with

you outnumber any opposing force and no weep un shall prosper with My sancon Embrace Your Authority as my

cherish Ed child wielding praise prayer and declaration to thwart the schemes of

the adversary a day of divine reversal awaits those destined for

greatness the Fulfillment of long- awaited promises draws near and restitution for all that was stolen is

imminent my radiant Glory ascends upon you casting aside sorrow and ushering in

joyous abundance be steadfast for the trials of today pale and comparison to

the Splendor awaiting you in the days to come in the midst of Trials stand firm and unwavering beyond the Flames of

refinement Lies a treasure Trove of Glory awaiting your Embrace when the ground Beneath You shakes it reveals the

steadfast Foundation of my unshakable kingdom rest in the Tranquility of my

perfect peace and watch as Heavenly strategies unfold releasing Divine Fury

upon the works of darkness I command Legions of of angels to encircle and protect my beloved ones know that the

forces aligned with us are far greater so cast aside any remnants of fear from

the enemy his time grows short my children lift your gaze above the

turmoil of this world and see through my eyes even amidst chaos trust in my

guiding hand to lead you triumphantly through every trial every detail is

under my watchful eye I transform ashes into exquisite at Beauty and turn

mourning into joyful dancing find solace in the Assurance of my sovereignty and

rejoice in the certainty of my ultimate Victory my righteous indignation Spurs

me to action I cannot tolerate the Persistence of evil the cries of the

oppressed ignite a fervent Fire Within my heart I will Purge and expose all

wickedness the Arrogant will be humbled and the guilty will face judgment but

for now keep your focus fixed on Heavenly things your future your hope

and all my promises are securely held in my hands know that I am capable of

exceeding your wildest dreams and bringing about blessings beyond measure for your benefit even in the midst of

shaking and uncertainty cling tightly to the truth you are safe and secure in my

loving embrace the appointed time draws near when I will unleash my mighty power on

your behalf leaving all Witnesses in awe of my Redemptive work without a doubt

everyone will recognize that this miraculous intervention is the result of

my Divine hand at work your Vindication will serve as a testament to my supreme authority

beloved be patient and steadfast cloaked in the Robes of my righteousness approach each day with confidence in

prayer knowing that your fervent petitions carry significant weight let your praise ReSound as powerful weapons

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