Today's Message from God: Trusting in God's Plan for a World Transformed | God Message Now - online calculators

Today’s Message from God: Trusting in God’s Plan for a World Transformed | God Message Now

my dearest children listen closely to my words I your loving God crafted each of

you with tender care everything you see and cannot see came to be through my

Divine Will I Am the beginning and the end the one who breathed life into

existence the world is facing a time of great turmoil everywhere you turn there

is pain and suffering I share in your sorrow for each of you holds a special place in my heart

but do not despair or let fear consume you everything that is happening fits into my greater plan I am preparing to

bring forth A New Beginning where joy and fulfillment will abound beyond your

understanding before we continue our exploration of divine messages let’s Infuse this space with positivity like

this video to sprinkle the essence of inspiration and type Amen to flavor it

with your faith your engagement Seasons our journey with Divine goodness my child I promise to wipe away

every tear and to banish death and sorrow forever those who have caused harm will face their consequences and

Justice will reign throughout creation though my ways may seem mysterious know

that I have allowed suffering as a chance for repentance but the time for judgment is Drawing Near for those who

continue to rebel against me but fret not my beloved ones those who dwell in

me me through love and faith have no need for fear the day of my triumphant

return cloaked in power and Majesty will be a time of exaltation for you filled

with jubilant cries and songs of gladness the Eternal Embrace with your creator yearned for so deeply draws

nearer with each passing moment prepare yourselves my people the how grows late

yet unknown to many arrange your Affairs and seek me to set priorities that

transcend the fleeting nature of this world in each mundan task find

significan in when carried out in love for me speak truth with boldness yet gentleness for I shall furnish you with

words display my wisdom and the likeness of Christ in every circumstance above

all Foster the unity I desire among those who call me Lord refrain from

trivial quarrels over matters insignificant in light of my grand designs peer Beyond surface distinction

to behold each person as the cherished Masterpiece I fashioned them to be

pursue unity and Reconciliation as your foremost Pursuits break down worldly

barriers of race class gender and nationality living as pilgrims in this world and citizens of my eternal realm

hold Earth’s fleeting Treasures Loosely generously sharing your abundance with

those in Need For All You possess belongs ultimately to me accumulate

Treasures of Eternal worth through service to me and to one another the riches of Eternity await those found

faithful upon my return I leave you with a joy and peace surpassing understanding

knowing that soon you shall comprehend fully and behold me face to face until

then serve me fervently wherever you may be lift up your heads blessed ones

beloved of the most high your Redemption draws near as I swiftly come to gather

you into my glorious presence forever more Rejoice for the abundance of my blessings awaits you the Brilliance of

my presence is on the brink of overwhelming any feeble attempts by the wicked to assert their own power I am

preparing to break through the heavens and descend to establish my sovereignty upon the Earth the forces of Darkness

will no longer be able to maintain their illusion of control behind the scen as I

will uncover every hidden skimmy and dismantle their deceit like a gentle breey the signs of my impending kingdom

are clear for those who are attuned to see turmoil in the physical world foreshadows greater upheavals in social

economic and political Realms the stage is set for transformation as you witness

Wars shortages natural disasters and pandemics these are the labor pains

signaling the emergence of something entirely new on the world stage the intensity and frequency of these pains

will only increase yet yet in the midst of it all hold fast to my promises for that day my word remains steadfast

offering unwavering Assurance amidst the chaos I will never abandon you providing

strength within and a peace that transcends understanding my kingdom is eternal unaffected by the rise and fall

of mortal rulers striving to leave their Mark whether Earthly Powers endure or

crumble is of little consequence my divine plan will be fulfilled regardless

set your gaze upon the unseen reality hidden from Mortal eyes what will unfold in the days and

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