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Today’s Message from God: Walk Boldly in Faith, Not Fear | God Message Now

my precious child feel the warmth of my presence surrounding you enfolding you in your moments of need your cries in

the Stillness of the night are heard by me I understand the secret hopes and fears hidden within your heart know this

my beloved one you are never alone for I am with you always open your heart wide

and invite me in witness the Miracles I long to reveal in your life as you make

space for me at the very core of your being I don’t desire fleeting encounters

I yearn for the entirety of your heart your strength your soul your mind let me

be the center of your thoughts the answer in your storms before we delve into the next

chapter of inspiration let’s build a fortress of positivity hit the like button to fortify our Collective spirit

and type Amen to Stand United in faith your engagement is the stronghold of our

journey today make a lifelong commitment to me surrender yourself completely and

observe how my living presence transforms everything around you those who have caused you pain will seek your

forgiveness closed doors will swing wide open those who once turned you away will

recognize your true value I will bring new companions to dispel your loneliness

filling your days with joy and laughter allow my words to resonate deeply within

your spirit they possess the power to alter your circumstances for the better

to shift the tide against all that opposes you do not be afraid of unexpected challenges nor let hurtful

words drag you down when you abide in me neither misunderstandings nor criticisms

can shake you the poison directed at you by your enemies will not penetrate your

soul for I am your protective shield awaken each morning with my words

upon your lips knowing that you dwell in my Shadow cradled in the Embrace of your

heavenly father’s strong and tender arms you seek my guidance because you trust

in my unfailing love and eternal promises rest assured my beloved I will

never abandon you Embrace each new day with confidence and peace rejoicing in

my constant Presence by your side even in moments of weakness or doubt remember

my boundless Mercy it knows no limits and my grace can wash away your deepest

regrets I have never failed you and I never will in moments of loneliness when

sadness envelops your soul and tears wet your pillow each morning listen for my

voice in it find the strength to carry on just one more day have hope dear one

for I hold a future filled with goodness joy and peace in my hands one I desire

for you hold tightly to my love as you press forward one step at a time

along your path despite the obstacles fix your gaze upon the sure promises I’ve spoken over your life when new

threats or challenges surface remember the supernatural courage and power that

reside within you because I dwell there in moments of danger recall my ability

to deliver you have mountain-moving faith beloved for I have chosen you and

spoken Destiny over you even from the painful lessons of loss or lack great

Riches of the spirit will emerge seek me early through prayer each morning humble

yourself daily at my feet and watch what happens as you learn to delight yourself

in my presence I will grant the longings of your heart both known and unknown in

my perfect timing these words have come to you by Divine Design at this appointed Time treasure them within for

they hold Clues to my plans for this next chapter of your life now is your moment the fullness of time for you

seize it with both hands and watch what I will do for you and those you love for today I lift off the anguish that

sometimes haunts your soul without reason I uproot and banish any lingering

sadness you are loved with an everlasting love feel my hand of blessing upon your head as you listen

for my voice let Heavenly peace wash over your spirit from head to toe every

infirmity in Body Mind or emotion is cleansed away by my healing power

torment of Darkness releases its grip upon your soul suffer silently no more

for your Liberation has come rise up and claim the gifts of Grace I’ve paid for

you to walk in Divine Health mental soundness emotional stability and

strength it is I your father I breathe my very Spirit into you

infusing you with the precious gift of life listen closely as I speak to your heart feel the warmth of my presence

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