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Trust In My Love_ God Says_ God Message Today_ Gods Message Now

my dear child you are forever wrapped in this Divine love I offer every day it’s

endless always there for you no matter the time or place in happiness or in

sadness whether you’re at home or far away my love doesn’t depend on distance

I am always there ready with open arms I declare my love for you loud and

clear for everyone and everything in the universe to know I will never be ashamed

of you or turn you away I have moved mountains faced trials and with a mix of

love and sorrow secured your right to my Everlasting affection so who could ever take this

love from you who could ever separate you from me do not be afraid I ignore those who

constantly accuse you wrongly telling lies about mistakes you haven’t made or faults you don’t have I turn away from

their complaints as they keep on spreading false words they only distance

themselves more from the love that could rescue them but as for you don’t worry about

them they choose their own path and will face the consequences your job is to

embrace the love and kindness I’m offering you right now live your life fully and joyfully

hold on to the compassion I’m giving you today and don’t wait until tomorrow to accept it come closer to me and let me

fill your life with this Divine love take it in enjoy it share it dream

about it talk about it and whenever you pray do these three things be thankful

be even more thankful and then thanks some more for the unending love provided

by my grace you are truly special Chosen and deeply loved by me with an

everlasting Divine love I’m your protector safeguarding you

and your family I bless and increase all that you undertake Embrace living in the comfort

of my love stay within the sacred Refuge that surrounds you Anointed with the Holy oil

that heals rejuvenates empowers and breathes life into your Forgotten Dreams

bringing fresh energy to your tired Spirit you don’t have to roam in

loneliness or cling to harmful habits and negative behaviors if you ever feel alone

remember I am here loving you and I’m affirming that love right now connect

with me this instant and experience A Renewed existence pulsing within you filled with dreams and

goals with me by by your side you lack nothing every blessing you enjoy flows

from my heavenly realm I am the source of your happiness and the one who pours out plenty over

your life from above so when skies are gray or when things don’t go as planned

remember you have a choice there’s no need to live in isolation or sorrow

simply raise your hands to the sky and give thanks for the joy and peace I am

about to bestow upon you your happiness is here with me take this step of faith and smile

even when you have no reason to Rejoice rise up and fight the Battle of

Faith even when things seem their darkest keep fighting for your life and your loved ones when times are tough

remember who’s speaking to you I am your powerful God your father in Heaven who adores you I will be there in your tough

times and I won’t let you be overwhelmed I don’t just talk for the sake of talking nor do I make empty

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