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Trust in My Promises | God message jesus |

my dear friend in the numbers and

messages there is a Divine promise that

something spectacular is on the horizon

for you this month your prayers have

been heard and miracles are being set in

motion angels are being dispatched to

assist you health improvements and job

opportunities are in your path remember

you must have faith and act as though

these blessings are already unfolding

for you walk by faith not by sight God

is guiding you toward your destiny and

blessings good fortune and favor will

enrich your life despite the hardships

and disappointments you may have faced

God has a special blessing in store for

you the num signify that you’ll be

connected with the right people and open

doors you never thought possible you’re

on the verge of reaching Heights and

fulfilling your destiny if you’re ready

for this type

great blessings significant

victories and surprises are declared for

you in the months of October and

November healing Prosperity career

growth and debt relief are on the

horizon no weapon formed against you

will succeed

the number speaks of incredible

success in all areas of your life by the

Year’s End be prepared for a swift

transformation and numerous celebrations

your prayers are being answered and your

life is flourishing in your name is

linked to a coming miracle that is

beyond human understanding embrace it

and have faith in God’s influence on

your life rest assured God has not

forgotten you as you navigate the road

to the next level adjust and embrace the

shifts your prayers will be answered and

you will gain discernment trust that you

have a seat at the table of grace even

when you feel inadequate or unsuccessful

Christ has won the battle on your behalf

and you are already seated with him may

you find rest and claim these blessings

type to affirm your faith God’s

blessings be with you all always

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