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after some time

you will find yourself feeling that God is around you

watching over you

so don’t ignore these moments

don’t let them go incomplete

your life is on the brink of change

after hearing this message from God

make sure to watch the entire video

every word spoken

here lays a path to your bright future

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god is speaking to you today

hear me a great blessing is coming your way

can you feel it

something wonderful is about to happen

and a sense of peace fills your heart

but remember to nourish your heart with my word

and don’t allow doubts to destroy your faith

stay steadfast

for I have the final say

I will heal you from all sickness

and you will rise with courage

every curse every debt

every painful memory from the past

will fade from your life

your liberation is at the doorstep

and today the chains are breaking

joy and happiness are coming to you in abundance

and I will perform a powerful miracle in your life

your mouth will overflow with praise

and your heart will brim with joy

you will receive everything you need

even enough to bless others and help those in need

pray firmly

and allow me to touch your body

your soul your heart

and heal all your pain

I will remove your discouragement

open the doors of your soul to me

and let my peace fill you

you have fought hard

remained persistent

and disregarded discouraging words and criticisms

the day has come for you to claim victory

provision and prosperity

and trust your plans to me

and I will assist you in all things

delight in my presence

and I will grant the desires of your heart

cry out to me

and I will answer you

I wanna show you great and marvelous things

I challenge you to believe in me

my promises are written there for you to see

and you’ve heard countless times

that all things are possible

for those who believe in me

tell me you believe in me

but also take action rise up

make the decision to distance yourself from things

and friends that lead you away from me

they won’t come to your rescue

when you face serious problems

material possessions won’t help

if you lose your faith

believe in me with unwavering determination

seek me with your heart

morning day

evening and night

before you sleep

present your requests before me

and trust that the good things meant for your growth

I will provide

listen to me well

something beautiful

great powerful

and astonishing is about to happen in your life

I love you tell me you believe it

and I will restore what is rightfully yours

I am pleased with your way of being

you’ve been attacked so many times

subjected to pain you didn’t deserve

but I will continue pouring blessings upon you

receive them

and don’t worry about those who seek to cause you fear

you are privileged

you are hearing words and revelations

that others have never heard

stay firm don’t stray from the path

envious people have tried to lead you into difficulties

tried to bring you down and steal from you

spoke ill of you

but you’re still standing strong

you haven’t lost your faith

I’m pleased that you’ve Learned to value

what truly matters

and discard the words and intrigues your enemies

used to hurt you

they are blinded by the light that reads from you

and my favour in your home angers them so much

they can’t sleep

but while they lie asleep

you can rest in confidence and tranquility

knowing that I’m guarding your life

your family

your home and your employment

I will take care of them

and redirect their focus elsewhere

they realize that

no matter what they do

they can’t cause you the slightest concern

their families are in turmoil

because they rejected my word and my love

I offered them advice for their well being

but they discarded it all

and distance themselves from me

but you chose to follow me

you recognise that in me

was the solution to all your problems

and you wholeheartedly surrendered to my will

you believed in my word

without hesitation

you know that not everyone is like you

look around

many could be experiencing my love

but their hearts have hardened

things haven’t gone their way

and they blame me

you are different now

you know that

your happiness and your future depends not on people

but solely on me

keep it that way

each day you will become better

luckier and even your enemies will come to see you

asking you to tell them about me

there’s a greater

blessing waiting for you down the road

maintain your faith

and your unwavering loyalty

keep fighting

don’t give up

just give me a minute

feel the tenderness of my words

the love and power flowing from my lips

you’ve called up to me in your thoughts

because there’s a great need in your heart

and that’s why I’m here

to show you how much I love you

my affection doesn’t wing with time

and my presence

never leaves you

even in your darkest moments

don’t rely too much on your emotions

they deceive you

like the wind

to the weak

they want to make you lose the confidence

that you’ve walked alongside me through so many winters

and springs

you may think that your faith isn’t enough

that the years have passed

and you haven’t achieved anything

that you’re losing your way

feeling defeated

you shed tears

thinking that I’ve abandoned you

but I’m here today

to remind you that I’ve always been here

I’m here so you can see how much I love you

and to make you feel better

let those tears flow

don’t try to carry the burden of

the guilt that others have placed on you

let your faith be strengthened by my word

and let your peace be anchored

in my promises

be sure of the fact that I will always be with you

your pain is here to remind you that you’re alive

and after pain

comes healing

after tribulation

comes victory

I am here to heal you

console you

and uplift you

I often tell you not to fear

because I want my words to be etched in your mind

my majestic voice to resonate

every morning

when you wake up

listen to me

I am here with you

saying with the deepest affection

that I love you

you will face

unexpected challenges

in your daily life

but you will emerge stronger

my strength is in you

my Grace is sufficient for you

my promises

ensure that I will never abandon you

and after your storms

there will always become

you will be at peace

filled with joy and strength

you will rise and live your life

with all your mind

and the power I give you

I love you there’s a way out

there’s hope

for the problem you have

there is a solution

take time and prayer today

and as you remain in my presence

I will instill

in you the faith and

conviction that you are free from all debt

all oppression all curses

your soul must be immersed in the river of my love

you will see that your problems

will disappear

one by one as you

get to know me

and allow me to take my rightful

place in your heart

lift your arms in victory

even if you feel


even if you don’t feel like fighting

or if you believe your enemies

have already

defeated you

you are a Victor by faith

a child of the Almighty God

who loves you deeply

who covers you with Grace

and surrounds you with mercy

remember that

in the past

you have experienced

great victories

you faced seemingly

invincible enemies

fought with all your strength

and triumphed

you know what it’s like to fight

get tired fall

and come to

my presence

to receive strength

you know what it’s like to rise

and try em again

you’ve tasted

victory before

and now even more so

you will fight your

conflicts today

you hold in your hands

the sword of my Holy Spirit

and this holy word

I’m planting in your heart

you are not a coward

let me touch your heart

and remove the discouragement

clouding your vision

your soul ignites

with the flame

that propels

you to keep fighting

for your dreams

and for the people you love

you are not alone

you are loved

and valuable

lay your burdens on my shoulder

let go of those painful thoughts

trying to convince you

that no one loves you

and that I’ve abandoned you

that’s not true

receive my words

and my warm

comforting embrace

at this moment

you will not fail

or be discouraged

by conflicts

or suffering

whatever comes

trust have faith

and hand over your pain to me

let me console you

if you need to cry

I’m here to listen

release your feelings of failure

and defeat to me

I’ll be by your side today

every morning

every evening

every night

to offer you

comfort and support

I will let you know how much I value you

my love covers you

guard yourself today

as you rise

from victory to victory

face enemy armies

and leap over walls of conflicts

defeating the forces of evil

trust in this word

that gives you strength

come to me and

on your knees

and trust your fears and weaknesses

to me once again

I will be ready to heal you

with my love today

lift your arms in victory


your triumphs

I will crown your head with life

and strength

preparing you to continue your journey

into the next day

when you feel like you’ve reached the Mountain Top

I will be there

to celebrate with you

and share in your happiness

no matter where you are in life

my love for you is eternal

I will always be ready to support you

in all your needs

I have many blessings for you

and I will find new ways to encourage you

to keep fighting

don’t listen to the complaints

of negative people

they have lost hope in this world’s troubles

but I will protect

and provide for you

your family

and your loved ones

don’t be afraid

if you face

material losses

or obstacles

remember they are temporary

everything happens for a reason

I watch over those I love with care

every problem you face will be


for your blessing

I will remove from your life

those who associate with evil

and seek to ruin your future

and thwart my plan

they don’t realize

what awaits them

they live in deception

thinking they have more power than your heavenly father

who loves you so much

stay strong in your faith

and don’t be sued

focus on me

and prepare to administer

all the blessings

I have for you

I am your true father

and I love you

tell me you believe this

amen I love you

my child type amen

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take care of yourself

it’s not about being the best

it’s about being better

than you were yesterday

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