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hello and welcome in times of trouble

it’s important to remember that God

cares deeply for us imagine him

Whispering trust me I’m handling it join

us in a special prayer where we ask God

to lift your worries and bless you

abundantly in Jesus name stick around as

we explore the analogy of worry being

like an inflated balloon and how it can

weigh us down we’ll also delve into the

comforting message of scripture and

practical steps to trust God more and

worry less let let’s lean on each other

in prayer and find peace in God’s

presence together no matter what tough

times you’re facing keep in mind that

God cares deeply about you imagine he’s

whispering to you trust me I’m handling

it we’re going to say a special prayer

for you asking God to lift your worries

and bless you abundantly all in Jesus

name make sure you stick around to fully

Embrace this prayer picture holding a

big balloon every worry you have is like

a puff of air into that balloon it might

be okay at first but if you keep filling

it with your worries eventually it’s

going to pop this balloon is a lot like

our minds too many worries and we’re

overwhelmed everyone has their own set

of worries it could be the anxiety of a

looming storm the tension of awaiting

news or test results concerns about

health money success or relationships

the list goes on if we let worry take

over it feels like we’re dragging a huge

inflated balloon everywhere the Bible

gives us a beautiful example with birds

Jesus noticed birds Don’t stockpile food

yet are always fed because God looks

after them he asks in Matthew

aren’t you far more valuable than Birds

it’s a gentle nudge reminding us that

God cares for us even more think about

it Birds aren’t stressing over their

next kneel or where they’ll live they’re

not bogged down by what is they simply

live trusting God’s care we could learn

a thing or two from them Jesus poses a

thought-provoking question in Matthew

asking if worrying can add a single

hour to your life worrying doesn’t solve

anything it just wears us out the

Bible’s message is clear worrying is

like being tied to a heavy balloon that

holds you back instead let’s release our

worries keep faith and remember God’s

always with us looking out for us by

doing this we can feel lighter Freer and

hopeful trust in God’s ability to change

things for the better even if things

aren’t great right now with all sorts of

challenges and doubts surrounding us

it’s easy to feel stuck but there’s

always hope in God’s steadfast love and

mighty power the Bible is full of

stories showcasing God’s ability to

transform lives in a nutshell Isaiah

shared a powerful promise from God in

Isaiah telling us about God doing

incredible things for us even when it

feels like we’re stuck in tough spots or

hopeless situations ations this message

isn’t just for the past it’s totally for

us today too whenever you’re facing big

challenges remember God’s got an even

bigger plan to help you through think of

it this way no matter how stuck you feel

God is ready to open up New Paths for

you just like making streams flow in the

desert or roads cut through the

Wilderness it’s a reminder that no

problem is too big for God to handle

he’s all about turning Bleak situations

into bright opportunities so if you’re

feeling overwhelmed by your

circumstances remember that God’s got a

hopeful and prosperous vision for your

life even when things seem rough God’s

plans are always aimed at bringing out

the best for us let’s also talk about

worry versus concern being concerned is

practical like checking the weather

before heading out but worry that’s like

obsessively checking the weather every

minute letting it ruin your day even

when you’re safe inside so let’s try to

shift from worry to concern bringing our

worries to God instead taking Saul from

the Bible for example his worry over

David turned into an obsession that

wrecked his peace and his kingdom that’s

how damaging worry can be Proverbs

tells us worry weighs us down but a kind

word can lift us up so let’s lean on

those good words and trust in Jesus to

lighten our hearts worrying drags us

down like walking with heavy weights but

when we let go of these worries and

focus on positive encouraging words

remembering that God is with us we find

our strength joy and peace again so next

time you catch yourself worrying too

much try to shake off that weight

reminding yourself of God’s presence and

the power of positive words can guide

you back to peace and happiness remember

no matter how tough things get God is

like a steady anchor always there to

keep us safe and secure even when we

might feel alone Psalm tells us

that God is like a safe place or a

strong friend who’s always there to help

us when things get tough it’s like

having an anchor that keeps a ship safe

during a storm God’s strength and love

keep us secure the story of Shadrach

mesach and abido in the Book of Daniel

shows us that even in the scariest

situations like being thrown into a

fiery furnace God is with us they

weren’t alone in the fire there was a

fourth figure with them showing that God

protects us in our toughest times they

walked out without a scratch proving

that with God we can overcome any

challenge throughout history many have

faced huge problems but got through them

by trusting in God David for example

faced years of being chased and in

danger but still trusted in God he wrote

in Psalm when I am afraid I put my

trust in you this shows us that trusting

God brings us peace and solutions this

peace is special it’s so strong and

calming that it’s hard to explain it’s

the kind of peace that confuses our

worries and fears when we talk to God

about our worries he gives us this

incredible peace in return you can have

this peace too just by trusting in God

Philippians tells us not to be

anxious but to pray and be thankful and

then God’s peace which is so powerful

it’s beyond understanding will protect

our hearts and Minds it’s like God’s

peace is a protective shield around us

keeping us safe sa from worries Heavenly

Father fill me with an allc consuming

longing to be in your presence daily

help me to hunger and thirst after you

for only you can satisfy the longing

heart father God you are the alpha and

omega the beginning and the end the

source of all wisdom and compassion help

me to boldly approach your throne

confident that you will hear me because

my Lord Jesus Christ has interceded for

me and atoned for my sin I release any

anger bitterness resent resentment or

any other wrong attitude before you now

and lay it down at your feet I forgive

and release those who have wronged me I

ask you for wisdom and discernment to

keep me on the path that you have for me

and to never get LED astray Lord Jesus

you are the bread of life and the living

water from whom all blessings flow I

understand that to be empowered as a

Believer I need your presence Lord to be

filled with joy I need your presence and

to experience peace and rest I need your

presence and so I pray may your presence

be so evident in and around me that even

unbelievers will be able to see the

supernatural joy peace and protection

which is upon my life Lord God you

inhabit the Praises of your people and

so I praise you with all my heart and I

invite your presence into every fiber of

my being you alone are worthy to be

praised I will never forget that all

good things come from you father you are

a good good father fill my home with

your Glory I entrust to your care my

family friends and Community bless them

with your love protection and abundance

I lift my heart to you now recognizing

my frailties and Imperfections grant me

the strength to navigate the

complexities of Life guide my words and

actions so that they may reflect the

goodness that flows from your divine

nature may my life be a testament to

your love and compassion I seek your

healing touch for those facing sickness

sorrow or despair care Comfort the

Brokenhearted strengthen the weary and

provide peace to those who are suffering

help me cultivate a spirit of gratitude

that transcends my circumstances

allowing me to find joy in the simple

Wonders that surround me each day Lord

God let me never take your word for

granted for it has power it is sharp and

cuts right through to the deepest parts

of my being exposing and judging the

very faults and intentions of the heart

thank you God that my name is is written

in the Lamb’s Book of Life I am

eternally grateful for your precious

gift in Jesus name I pray amen when

you’re feeling worried remember these

parts of the Bible remember that God is

like an anchor keeping us safe think

about the people who trusted God and

found peace and always remember the

special peace God gives which is like a

cozy blanket for our hearts and Minds to

get better at trusting God and not

worrying here are some steps one

recognize and redirect worry notice when

you’re starting to worry and change your

thoughts it’s like noticing a room

getting messy and deciding to clean it

up before it gets worse two use the

power of prayer talk to God about your

worries prayer is like a direct call to

God when you’re worried instead of

keeping it inside share it with God

remember God has always been there for

those who trust him three lean on

scripture the Bible is full of verses

that can help us push away worries and

bring peace like how Jesus said to look

at the birds and flowers as proof of

God’s care for us remember no problem is

too big for God trusting him can turn

our worries into peace just like it did

for many people in the Bible whether

it’s reading scripture praying or simply

remembering God’s past faithfulness

these steps can help us feel more secure

and peaceful in Matthew Jesus tells

us to look at the bird because they

don’t worry about food yet God feeds

them this shows us how much God values

us and takes care of us Isaiah

encourages us not to be afraid because

God Is With Us promising his support and

strength then in Peter we’re told

to give all our worries to God because

he cares for us these verses remind us

that in tough times we can rely on God’s

promises to guide and comfort us these

messages from the Bible help us switch

our Focus from our problems to God’s

power they boost our faith and reduce

our worries acting like a protective

shield around us when we dive into these

scriptures we find peace and feel loved

and protected to deal with worries it’s

also great to have friends who share our

faith they can pray for us listen and

remind us of God’s promises our Christ

word YouTube channel is a place where

you can find such a community it’s like

being on a team where everyone supports

each other in Faith remember the story

in Mark about the friends who

brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus

their faith and actions led to his

healing showing the strength of having

faith filled friends when worries come

remember to turn them over to God read

his comforting words and lean on your

friends in Christ with these strategies

and God’s help we can overcome anything

trusting God has amazing benefits it

grows our faith just like exercising

makes our muscle stronger

every time we see God’s help our trust

deepens look at David who defeated

Goliath with God’s help boosting his

faith even more trusting God also

improves our relationships with God’s

peace in our hearts we attract others

who seek that peace liting the way for

them and as we trust God we begin to see

his love and support more clearly like

wearing glasses that bring everything

into Focus the story of Ruth is a

perfect example despite tough times her

trust in God led her to a new blessed

life showing us the power of faith and

trust in God in Jeremiah the Bible

paints a picture of what it’s like to

trust in God it says if we put our trust

in him we’ll be like sturdy trees

planted by the water these trees are

always green and always fruitful even in

the Heat and drought this means that by

trusting God we don’t have to be scared

or worried even when things get tough we

can live free free from the heavy burden

of worry imagine you’re carrying a huge

heavy backpack filled with all your

worries then someone strong and caring

comes along and says let me carry that

for you this is exactly what God is

offering us he’s telling us to hand over

our worries to him just like Peter

suggests inviting us to cast all your

anxiety on him because he cares for you

doing this is like dropping that heavy

backpack suddenly you feel lighter and

can MO move freely so why hang on to

that heavy load why keep yourself locked

up in worry when you can trust God and

hand over all your worries to him making

this Choice leads to a life filled with

joy peace and freedom imagine being as

free as a bird in a tree living the

Beautiful Life God intends for us take a

moment now to breathe in deeply F your

lungs then exhale slowly picture all

your worries leaving your body with that

breath let a small smile form on your

face as you feel your peace wash over

you fully trust in God let go of your

worries and watch as your worry turns

into Hope just believe in this

transformation and feel the immediate

shift from anxiety to Assurance hey

everyone listening let’s take a moment

to talk to God together I want you to

join in this prayer with me so we can

all share in the blessings it brings

let’s talk to our amazing and loving God

dear God you’re incredible you made

everything split the Red Sea fed the

Israelites with food from heaven and

made the walls of Jericho tumble down

you brought Lazarus back to life healed

people who couldn’t see and even walked

on water your miracles from way back

went to right now show us how powerful

and loving you are they remind us that

no problem is too big for you God I’m

opening up my heart to you admitting

that sometimes I let worries get the

better of me I’m sorry for those times I

doubted you and didn’t rely on your

wisdom and strength I ask for your

forgiveness and also forgive anyone

who’s wronged me in jesus’ name I say

goodbye to any worry or fear that’s been

holding me back I push away any thought

that doesn’t match up with your promises

God I want to trust you more every day

and let your peace protect my heart

thank you God for freeing me from worry

anxiety and fear I’m bringing all my

troubles to you trusting you take care

of them let your Holy Spirit comfort me

and remind me you’ve got everything

under under control God wrap me up in

your peace keep me safe and bless me

like crazy so everyone can see how good

you are cure my hurts and give me new

Strength open doors where there seem to

be only walls and guide me to success

protect me from anything that tries to

bring me down keeping me safely in your

care God let your name be celebrated

because of all the good things you do

I’m also praying for my family and

friends touch their hearts with your

kindness and love help them them feel

the same Peace and Freedom from worry

that comes from trusting you no matter

what they’re going through as we all say

this prayer together God thank you for

listening to us I pray we all feel your

comfort and our trust in you grows let

Hope fill our hearts and quiet any

worries or fears in jesus’ name replace

our worry with gratitude and let our

lives show how much you love and care

for us thanks God for always listening

Amen in times of trouble remember that

God God cares deeply for you trust in

his love and let go of your worries

knowing that he is always with you

guiding and protecting you take a moment

to join us in prayer casting your

burdens upon him and embracing his peace

share this message with those in need

and together let’s support each other in

prayer and Faith amen if this prayer

touched your heart just say Amen to

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prayer know that we’re bringing each

request to God trusting in the power of

prayer thanks for watching

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