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Trusting God Through Tough Times | God Message Today

God is speaking to you

today I know you’re dealing with tough

stuff in your business like divorces

paternity issues and fights over

inheritance but remember I’m here for

you I’ll help you give you strength and

smart advice to get through it

all when things feel really hard just

know that I’m the god who can fix even

the toughest problems trust me and you

will feel peace even when things are

crazy if you’re going through a divorce

make sure to be fair and respectful

especially if kids are involved try to

make peace and

heal if you’re unsure about who a

child’s father is trust that I

understand and can help help you make


decisions believe in me and I’ll do

amazing things for you pray to me and

think about what I say and you’ll find

Clarity you’re not alone I’m here every

step of the way leading you to a better

future trust my plan and you’ll see good

things happen even when times are tough

when you’re feeling andure come to me

I’ll help you and show you the right

path remember to be honest fair and kind

in everything you do trust what I

promise because it’s all

true come at Amon if you believe in God

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