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my child devote yourself earnestly to me

regarding me as an indispensable

necessity seek me wholeheartedly fixing

your gaze not on the visible but on the

invisible you spend too much time and

mental energy pondering trivial matters

and superficial concerns that hold no

value in My Kingdom The Gift of Sight

bestowed by me is a Marvel but it can

become a snare if

misused you have access to mirrors

reflecting your image with unsettling

Precision coupled with media’s portrayal

of flawless

tempting you to obsess over

appearance the same applies to

possessions and familial ties such

preoccupations divert your focus from

the enriching Joy of knowing me in

seeking me you Revel in the company of

the only perfect being to ever

exist however my perfection lies not in

outward appearance but in my Divine

sinless character I am the one who loves

you with an unwavering love and bestows

upon you perfect peace refrain from

squandering your thought thoughts on

trivialities redirect your focus to me

and receive my peace know this my child

I affirm you as mine adopted into my

royal family I view you through the lent

of Grace I chose you before the

foundation of the world to be holy and

blameless in my sight though you may

fall short of this standard in daily

life I perceive you as holy and

blameless for this is your Eternal

position within my kingdom while I may

not condone everything you do I approve

of your auth authentic self meticulously

designed by me I understand your deep

yearning for my affirmation and

acknowledge the difficulty you face in

accepting it I implore you to adopt the

perspective of Grace in viewing yourself

and others through Grace focus more on

the good and the right and less on the

wrong learn to collaborate with me and

embrace my transformative work in your

life as I mold you into my likeness with

ever increasing

Radiance I not only approve of you I

take Delight in you persist in dwelling

in me rooted and built up in me

overflowing with

gratitude the relationship you share

with me is unlike any other you abide in

me and I dwell in you you never Journey

alone for I am always at your side this

unparalleled connection provides an

unwavering foundation for your life

continue building upon this Foundation

living in constant awareness of my

presence gratitude serves as one of the

most crucial building blocks for your


the more gratitude you incorporate the

Richer your experience

becomes gratitude expands your heart’s

capacity to receive abundant joy and

equips you to endure suffering without

descending into despair or

self-pity regardless of circumstances

you can always give thanks to me for

your Eternal salvation and my unwavering

love these blessings remain constant and

unchanging unlike others that may

fluctuate count both kinds of blessings

until you overflow with gratitude

remember I am God and you are not this

reality liberates you from shouldering

burdens beyond your control by

relinquishing matters not within your

purview you free yourself from needless

burdens and enhance your Effectiveness

where you do have

influence entrust your concerns to me

acknowledging my

sovereignty present your requests with

Thanksgiving living in this manner to

Shield yourself from anxiety and receive

a peace that transcends

comprehension joyfully thank me for the

for forgiveness of all your sins past

present and future forgiveness is your

greatest need and I have met this need

perfectly and eternally through your

faith in me as your savior you inherit

everlasting life filling you with joy

and dispelling any fear of the future

your future is radiant and secure an

inheritance reserved for you in heaven


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