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sometimes you are so focused on the

future that you don’t realize you’re in

the middle of what you used to pray for

you don’t have to know what comes next

there’s peace in knowing that God has a

plan and that he has you exactly where

he wants you Jesus says therefore do not

worry about tomorrow or tomorrow will

worry about itself each day has enough

trouble of its own be so confident in

God’s plan that you don’t even get upset

when things don’t go your way if you

don’t fill your mind with the word of

God the enemy will fill it with fear

anxiety stress worry and Temptation

today’s prayer dear God when anxiety

tries to take hold help us to turn to

you in

prayer grant us your peace that

surpasses all understanding and remind

us of your unfailing love and care give

it to God and get some

rest he is already handling what you are


with there will always be situations

that we don’t understand problems that

look too big obstacles that seem

permanent God hasn’t brought you this

far to leave you release the worry

release the frustration release having

to know all the details trust him don’t

panic if God brought you out of the

situation you once thought was the end

of you why are you doubting him on this

current One With God all things are

possible today’s prayer dear God I don’t

know what to do but I trust you guide me

with my decisions and Lead me in on the

right path I put my life in your hands

but the Lord God has become my Divine

helper he leans into my heart and lays

his hands upon me comment amen if God

has blessed you

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