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YES YOU ARE READY । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child you must not be idle and

unproductive nourish yourself with

wisdom for without knowledge my people

perish seek understanding submit

yourself before me and petition for

discernment dig deep into my word cling

to what edifies shunning Hollow

frivolities which cannot

satisfy be intentional in producing

fruit that remains whether your sphere

be great or small faith F in little

faithful in much each plays their part

according to their calling do not assume

that because I have set you apart placed

you alone that I am not using you

powerfully was not Elijah isolated in

Desolation yet through him I showed

myself Mighty do not despise the desert

for it is there I prepare you for

Greater Works as you wait on me let your

hunger drive you into my word word allow

my spirit to develop maturity and

giftings within you for in my service

thorough preparation is

indispensable without a firm foundation

Zeal and Charisma profit little first

dig deep roots establish yourself in

truth through disciplined study then you

will bear lasting fruit allow my

workmanship to eradicate Pride anger

lust Decay within you as Christ’s

character shines through you your words

will carry weight and command attention

I caution against behaviors that seek

too much control which disrupt Unity

harsh domination goes against my ways


fracture the problem is not Authority

itself but the corrupted desire to rule


others sin has corrupted the beautiful

Harmony I originally intended where the

desire to overpower fuels conflict

rather than Mutual submission to

me when Eve sought to grasp equality

with Adam by her own means rather than

receiving it properly for me Unity was

damaged but relationships can be

redeemed and my spirit enables Harmony

as people acknowledge me as their head

Seasons come which tests submissions

depths yet as you continually yield to

me I Infuse strength to dismantle

rebellion’s residual Roots cling

fervently in the struggle trusting my

spirit’s transforming power to Reign

victorious in surrendered vessels I am

ever interceding for your joy to be made

complete let not sour fruit deter you

when crossing paths with counterfeit

Believers wolves adeptly disguise

themselves with scripture feigning

Holiness while inwardly ravenous by

their fruits ye shall know them my true

disciples build up my body in humility

and wisdom condemning tones expose

darkened Hearts not yet fully captured

by my redeeming light pray for necessary

surgery as iron sharpens iron I ordained

the family of God to edify through

Fellowship seek out mature mentors to

mutually strengthen you prioritize

communing together around my word

provoking one another to love and good

works for exponentially more is

accomplished United than isolated expand

the borders of my

kingdom the hour is urgent as day flees

swiftly and Night comes when laboring

ceases during this fleeting night season


inquire Lord what would you have me do

then boldly obey I will back those who

dare take me at my word launch out in

faith fixed on me alone and you will

walk on stormy seas others avoid in


I am for you who can stand against go

low hidden in my shadow ever pointing to

me I shall lift you up appropriately as

you mature shine Rays glorifying my

grace magnify my Supreme worth Above All

Else esteem me most high and experience

unspeakable joy in my presence for I am

enough I

am abide in the vine responding promptly

to my divine Whispers bear luscious

fruit with eternal impact block out

distracting clamor completely give

priority to communion with me Marvel at

intimacy unveiled rest in Stillness and

simplicity I am wooing you into deeper

waters where you will know me as never

before plunge into boundless depths of

my passion smolder with firy Zeal fueled

by gazing on my face overflow with

radical Faith amazing aming Adventures

signs and wonders Blaze with matchless

devotion and

consecration suddenly will Cascade as my

glorious Church awakens long awaited

promises manifest

explosively massive Kingdom advancement

unfolds demanding a dramatic shift from

frivolous apathy to wholehearted

partnership with me the fate of

multitudes hangs in the balance this

pivotal hour requires precise action to

change history’s

course align your pulse with my heart

respond unwaveringly to my timely

directives Heaven’s resources ensure

Victorious outcomes for nothing is

impossible to those aligned with me

Triumph miraculously against mounting

chaos by setting affections on things

above hope anchors securely despite

surrounding Fury shine radiantly to

multitudes groping in despair show them

my way which leads to indestructible

peace and

joy United prayer is demolishing

strongholds now ushering Reformation at

societal Gates as the spiritual climate

warms Harvest escalates now is the time

to boldly arise and take Kingdom ground

strongholds weaken through pure worship


intercession rescue those hopelessly

addicted and enslaved by sin break

poverty mindsets destroying communities

restore my presence and Truth disciple

new Believers establishing them in faith

receive my burden for lost and broken

Humanity for I make all things

new the fullness of my spirit equips

Believers to effectively Minister and

serve as each Embraces their identity

and Authority in Christ hope multiplies

and Community thrives from secure

attachment flows satisfying purpose

recognize your profound worth as my

cherished one I custom-designed you

handpicked you predestined works for you

to fulfill your life holds Eternal

weight and influence walk in this

Revelation no more cowering under

intimidation cruel taunts rise

courageous and confident seated above

every principality empowered by my


life wage Fierce war against lies is

infiltrating your

soul set affections on things

above the sky blazes with dazzling hope

as my Splendor increases across

continents Marvel emerge from obscurity

pillars of flaming fire attend moving by

my spirit with lightning

acceleration suddenly dormant Vines Bud

Bloom bare abundant Harvest fires ignite

as prodigals return this accelerated

hour necess necessitates wholehearted

partnership with me I am aligning you

with Kingdom Associates to answer this


cry together reclaim ravaged Harvest

Fields redeem broken systems damaging

Society be healing balm binding wounds

model overcoming life and Community pour

out all that hinders growing

intimacy invite me to search your depths

and heal defiled places yield holy

receive joy and freedom found Alone In

My Embrace rest under my wing listen for

my voice above raging

storms echo my heart the appointed hour

of my glory has come the groaning of

Ages gives way to Liberation and

restoration captives set free

inheritance is reclaimed my church

filled with glory and Purity radical

Revelation signs wonders and miracles

catalyze the greatest Harvest of souls

ever witnessed the Earth shakes under my

approaching Kingdom abandon fully to my

purposes receive Fresh Fire Awakening

and equipping for your role in this

tramatic hour children fix eyes on me

alone cleave to my instructions speak

only what you hear your father declare

move in step with my spirit magnify my

majesty above raging chaos my precious

ones the hour of deep calling Under to

deep is upon you awaken to the profound

reality of your identity in me for you

are not a mere Wanderer on Earth but an

ambassador of my

kingdom as an ambassador your every word

and action carries the potential to Echo


eternity Embrace this High Calling with

humility and

strength in your journey do not be ens

snared by the seductive Allure of


accolades remember the true measure of

success in in my kingdom is not in the

accumulation of wealth or a claim but in

the depth of your obedience and love

seek not the transient glories of this

world but yearn for the imperishable

crown of life that I bestow upon those

who love me

unswervingly as you navigate through


complexities be Discerning of the voices

that clamor for your

attention many speak with enticing words

luring the uny into Paths of confusion

and despair

but my voice is clear gentle and

lifegiving learn to distinguish my

whisper amid the cacophony for in my

words lie the secrets of life and peace

embrace the reality of your spiritual

warfare the enemy like a prowling lion

seeks to devour but you are not

defenseless clothe yourself with my

armor truth righteousness peace Faith

salvation and the sword of my spirit

which is my word

stand firm therefore resisting the

darkness with the authority I have given

you in your weakness do not despair for

in your Frailty my strength is made

perfect when you feel inadequate

remember that my power is perfected in

weakness I do not call the equipped I

equip the called you are chosen not

because of your ability but because of

my grace therefore let your heart be

strengthened by my unfailing

love do not neglect the sacredness of

everyday moments my presence is not

confined to Grand Cathedrals or

miraculous signs find me in the ordinary

for it is there that I often speak the

loudest in moments of sorrow and loss do

not lose

hope I am close to the Brokenhearted and

save those who are crushed in

spirit your pain is not unseen through

the furnace of Affliction I refine you

and your Sorrows shall be turned into


the world is fractured hearts are

divided but you are called to be a

peacemaker let your words heal not wound

be quick to listen slow to speak slow to

anger for in doing so you reflect my

heart to a world in desperate need of my

love cultivate a heart of gratitude for

it is the Wellspring of joy in every

circumstance give thanks this is my will

for you

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