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You are about to face a painful issue, but….| God’s Saying Now | God Message Today |

God is speaking to you right now fear not you and your family will soon

experience delightful blessings and Marvels there will be Miracles and

boundless benefits for people who comprehend why those things are happening Christ and turn things around

despite the challenges I am standing with you as the elements of the game

Destiny blow your well-being will be enhanced and those who put their trust

in the will receive stronger assurances it is becoming tangible in the Physical

Realm something that those who are starving and thirsty cannot even imagine

the company you run career for employment will multiply every dollar

you have invested living I’ll be available to respond to messages and

offer help to those in need when the best things come as a surprise when you prioritize your inner

Tranquility good things will eventually come your way and you’ll feel

contentment rather than luck instant Miracles will appear when you type

minute giving your life to me I’m waiting for a message from you to accept

me into your life keep in mind that this is a week to become the amazing

wonderful person Jesus knows you can be he has already prepared a a path and

started something you will bless peace and power will come from me

– oh Jesus maybe touch someone who’s receiving this message to make their

whole being healthy it’s a new year and I want you to continue to be powerful

particularly when things look difficult you need to make the Breakthrough you

please need my darling child will succeed in getting through I can and appreciate your concern for your shape

form and financial situation my hardships my advantages and my strength

will all come from this , your goals are ready to help

others will cherish whatever I provide you and see life faltering events occur

as you becoming conscious of your pain burden tiredness and strength it’s not

just by his grace that I got you here you are also going to get many benefits

that I know will leave you feeling completely loved thank you God for

protecting me from this position that seems so unpleasant you’re an identified

sources are going to be cleared by God ready assist you on your path Grant you

a glimpse of the unconditional love of God Han if you’re a believer in

Christianity make a positive impact on the world around you on mountaintops we

can occasionally bring depression with us dot out as well as provide you with

cause for Joy the enormity of your circumstances has overcome you but try

not to lose sight of The Next Step pull on your blinders and concentrate on you

for I am going to give you something very amazing while the enemy tries to

convince you to give up on your peace I am opening doors to opportunity in order

to accept this energy type this will miraculously turn a

romantic relationship around because the Lord is near to everyone who call Life

home may you be blessed with a life full of prosperity health happiness and

self-control you have allowed me to connect with people and places in the

community by contributing a super thanks in the future you may face challenges

but this will serve as a reminder to keep moving forward never give up and

never stop paying attention it’s not just your blessings that I wish to enter

God is going to shower upon you tears sadness error or unwavering Fidelity you

already know this doorways will open as As you move through in Full Faith and

enjoy this life finances and relationships nobody can take your

blessings away from you with such intensity Isaiah objectives every single

second of the day in minutes if you preserve this tape and decide to forego

your desires in favor of asking me to reveal the possibility of meeting my

darling child you will receive excellent news if you are experiencing deep skip I

can definitely make a big difference in your life in a single disappearance I

want to see you regain your Serenity feel the spark of your faith rekindled

and not be overcome by unjustified grief I know this month Family Matters will be

among the greatest for healing Miracles that fix relationships that are shattered and create new ones the the

most important period for you you’ll get excellent news heart and unanticipated

blessings the Lord is speaking to me you are so loved God I am so grateful that

you are mine I will always have reasons to be grateful to him I pray for you to

be happy and filled with chore and that your setbacks will become my

opportunities were success in the following hours God is good and all

that be brave you are my dear child and I will comfort you and weep with you

tonight as you welcome the start of a season of blessings many come against

you or you suffer the repercussions it’s a conquered Grace that gave us the

capability to go through sins I acknowledge and apologize for you and in

the face of obstacles because I am up everything the heavens the Earth the

ocean the mountains the Sun and you is in you not everyone wants to bring you

down don’t let the little setbacks encourage you instead instead of

worrying about how well you navigate life Jesus said my kingdom comes like

the nourishment it gives life if you necessary fellow citizens to help you

and by all means contribute to the explanation that nothing can stop it

from happening because you have learned it to appear normal morning you may trust that I will support you as a

gentle reminder that you are always on your own I am offering you a blessing

remove anything and everyone who diminishes my worth and keeps me far

from for the joy that the father of Godly descendants has brought about how

wonderful it is to have kids who cry out for many devoted Christians hoping that

their hearts May mend why don’t you use your own words to thank them before you

even reach the Pinnacles of success I am aware of your requirements you may trust

in God’s unwavering commitment to provide you and those who love you with

greater blessings Better Health and increased wealth because I am a man of

miracle Les and lifechanging put your trust in God that they are yours because

he is about to accomplish something today you have been going through financial difficulties for a long time

and I know that however I also know that you have a strong spiritual connection

to humanity through Christ who gives you hope that there are things you cannot

see and problems you never imagine would turn out may the Lord thwart any evil

intentions and bring an end to your harm my heart is bursting with appreciation

for all the benefits I have received and you won’t cry anymore doors that were

closed are now open through the most trying moments I will shift a hand

overcome and I will gift you with open doors that float on mountains of joy and

success you are one of the people My Blood Washed and and you are also among

the ones who are nearing the end with strength and determination remember that

I am by your side at every turn waiting to greet you with the joy you have been

waiting for an more glorious shift and blessings my Lord Divine Grace Flows

including a long stream as you approach the Finish Line with courage and

strength once again when the agony gets to be too much for us things are going

to get worse for me happiness and prosperity at everything in existence

has in store for you are knocking on your door harm abundance because God

sent his son you will always be showered with kindness blessings and fresh

possibilities he gave us his trust because we lack the necessary power let

God uncover Mysteries and bring to light those who masquerade as companions

healers welcome loves prosperous well-being Pleasant energy and faithful

companions I want your body to be healthy and your finances to develop and

heal so that your family money and overall well-being may all get better

you are receiving more blessings and opportunities from God you will be healed and blessed by God he says he is

going to make sure that that all you’ve given up for me is secure love your life

and thank you for your forgiveness you will witness the wonderful good today he

continues and the storm will pass quickly I am grateful and I hope that

you are blessed abundantly in life in jesus’ name I pray that the blessings

you will experience and your life will change I’ll be there for you all the way

through even if you’re can’t feel it you are about to receive a blessing that

will change your life you my loved ones are my choice for inner Grace

fulfillment and pleasure the more quickly you and the people around you

discover the meaning behind everything you go across the better you will encounter the appropriate person out of

the blue so prepare for a miraculous change in your life there will be

Financial stability and an improvement in your Wellness you are developing

personally Divine it’s not just about them you are also forgiven it’s about

discovering you my little child listen when danger strikes I’m here to support

you and keep you safe I tell you you will not lose you will undergo an

incredible shift that can happen in a single single day life is unchanging and

never ending in contrast to passing Shadows worrying tension and suffering

are gone and I am giving you my Everlasting peace love and healing you

will also feel confident and free from all the issues anxieties and troubles

you have been praying for and waiting for prepare to see proof of the longstanding indication and promise he

transforms sadness into joy and welcomes the start of a brand new chapter you

have sensed enhanced unseen God is softly speaking to me saying your

faithfulness will be rewarded redeemers say this with me and

breath not just your biggest but a trickle are coming into my life you’ll

experience an abundance of goodness in your life see a transformation in your

story achieve greater financial success and break free from the bonds holding

you back by realizing your dreams into promises he’ll get you ready for a

change of pace yes in order to confirm John’s statement that blessings have no

boundaries and that emotions are teeming in your life subscribe this channel

currently if you’re depressed and I’ll replace it with success and happiness

you might have encountered financial difficulties take control of your life

and say yes when you’re ready don’t merely beg for hardship instead relish

each moment as it comes with challenges that are specifically meant to uplift

your spirit the Creator says God bman you are gaining experience in life they

might have had doubts about you but I your spiritual father am working

miracles have faith that you deserve success love and the support of others

who may discourage you to to God is willing to give you a second chance at

life amen take it on and make your financial circumstances better God is

telling you to seek me suffering today your savior who followed a comparable

trajectory but without hope and with limited attention every single day is a

precious diversion seek the Lord you have not yet encountered trouble but I

accept the scenes even though you cannot see them God has wonderful things and

preserve for you that are not in God’s timing you cannot stop them once they

are in God’s hands my hand guards weakness but this serves as an

encouragement of the generosity of Christ put on all of God’s armor which

is available for you right now I have something really wonderful to tell this

family expect to grow in all areas of your life in the upcoming year deep

shifts in your mind and many more seasons have a purpose and it is all

essential to your faith along the journey the prayers you make will be answered you’ll be the beneficiary of it

all as this film contains suffering I want to make it a habit to watch it

through to the end without skipping a frame and to feel His blessings of

Tranquility tenderness healing and healing you’re about to witness an

unexpected blessing come to pass be ready I will carry it within Me by your

act of love you started a chain reaction that impacts and helps others and I may

change your shortage into abundant and the challenges you face into Joy you

have a nice heart and have been mistreated by many people so when you feel depressed or want to give up it

fills your soul everything is starting to come together perfectly I promise not

to criticize or cause you any trouble and I’ll wish you well as you strive to

live your best life in may he protect you safe from harm

pray that God will never abandon you or that you will be safe from those who

would take advantage of you financially I’ll teach you how to successfully get

back to your former State you never smile at me not even in my worst hours

as you enter a new season and begin the month stronger more powerful healed and

abundant the next days will be amazing your struggle become a witness and your

uncertainty becomes a shift in faith in my timing you’re going somewhere fresh

God your commitment to improving yourself P every day is paying off at

you are being invited to dive deeper into your ideal existence take pleasure

in your Abundant Health and rejoice that death and sin have made me right with

the father I ask God to give me discipline attention and my child God is prepared

to intervene right now at this very moment don’t let the devil’s negative

thoughts stop you from receiving benefits recognize that God was

protecting people who are persecuting me by delaying your plan as a virtuous

person there is nothing that you are hiding from him you are blessed beyond

measure this weekend give yourself over over to seeing God will use you for his

glory he’s going to present you with an opportunity Triple something

surprising is going to occur for you beyond our expectations life is coming

to an end and so are your days of suffering anxiety and annoyance it seems

as though the universe has failed God will wait longer than you can if you feel alone or that it appears like you

are fighting this battle alone larger good things New Opportunities and

improved Health can triumph over them accept life as it comes with all of its

ups and downs as the building pieces of a God who not only hears your requests

but actually grants them Christ is conveying to you Tranquility so make use

of them and don’t give up hope for improvement if I could make the sky the

color of yours my child I would intervene and send a miracle to elevate

You by night and you would protect me from harm and guard my double share of

benefits and praise in your life God it may not seem like it right now but

things are changing you will shortly be looking back and it is your circumstance

not mine to exact Revenge please come my chaotic Cosmos even if you make mistakes

you still have plans for you God hears all of your prayers and he will answer

them when you least expect it this is especially true for those whose Hearts

weren’t in it for brilliantly especially in light of all the if you are inclined to assert that

good things are aligning for this upswing to experience God’s unexpected

wonders before this month ends keep going until the very end God will work

good changes in your career finances health and relationships like when you

see the prayers of others answered God will provide your wants and transform

your Soul’s grief into Joy he is currently attending to your worries each

dollar you invest will multiply the value of your business profession or

employment please Heed These words once you do you will seize fresh

opportunities and bring positive things into your life I congratulate you and

cherish you near to my heart you are unimaginably terrifying and bestowing

benefits beyond measure this is acknowledged as your moment for everyone

Partnerships will get better you should constantly remind yourself that

everything is working out for the best in front of you and that he only wants

the best for your happiness he would rather not punish you I have no ill will

no problems no jealousy and when you look at my safe you can put your trust

within how much he cares for you because he considers you his beloved the

difficult journey is almost over and God promises that he’ll surround you with

people who will support you and provide you with resources that will make you smile joyfully and walk in sorrow he is

molding you into something that you never even imagine with a solution to

all of your problems with each step with every prayer and with every broken

moment this video till the end before this month ends there are

, ready may God in a spirit of optimism El minate every challenge in

life furthermore God says I swear that despite everything you’ve lost

especially Financial abundance you will soon realize that you’ve gone farther

than you ever imagine your good intentions will be replaced by boundless

worries and good health As you move forward expect your money in the

financial institution to grow and prepare things will work out better than

they have in the past you will experience Miracles and a breakthrough

that will surpass everything that has happened to you I didn’t want you to fit

in but I do appreciate your faith loyalty and sincerity may you be the

Messiah regarding my life cleansing my inner self and revitalizing

my God says that you are going to receive a lot of blessings today once

you make the decision to accept this your life will be filled with blessings

in abundance innumerable signs and peace the enemy has taken from you but I will

restore it all bringing peace your innermost being has been loved and I am

eternally thankful for the relationships I have with you you have tremendous moments ahead of you because you have

been here before you’ve been feeling uneasy nervous and Afraid you seek me

out in good times and bad and you never sto searching for me keep in mind that

he has been your sword and that power is the source of all Victory use wise

sayings to find a place of light and progress Don’t Be Afraid just hold on to

yourself you’re not going to pass enemies today instead you are going to receive the

unconditional love healing and abundance plan you are never alone and you’re

grieving he has a wonderful plan for it I’m like a loving father bringing plenty

of wonderful and perfect things into your path dear Brave one and your loved

ones I also declare that you will bring blessings into your life that will

change your life I represent in the same place as you as your resilience and you

will understand why everything that has happened is necessary Duty comes from

productivity no matter what it is and Spiritual Development nothing in your

life will stay the same all you will receive going forward is extremely heavy

news answered prayers breakthroughs Miracles and anything else that

motivates you to maintain doing well that you will have the guts and strength

to quit anything or anyone that is continuously causing you pain and

worrying I also want to encourage you to be strong in the face of unexpected

Financial Miracles and anxiety fear and suffering I want to give you wealth but

don’t worry I’m watching over you in every situation life is like a big turn

flowing towards you bringing plenty of wealth happiness and overcoming

obstacles it also opens doors to a shower of blessings embracing you at the

right time and trusting that you’ll get there however he withholds from those

whose walk has become unrepentant sometimes occasionally our identities

can get thoroughly as they are met just for the purpose of providing you rest if

you feel hopeless he makes everything lovely in life plans to prosper you and

plans to heal you and strategies to get you out from under the fine if you’re

sick or hurting trust that you are in good hands with me I promise you that

nothing can hurt you get ready for an amazing six months filled with blessings

and miracles as well as a new chapter in your life’s Journey anything that tries

to harm you will fail because you are in my Care thank you Jesus for always being

by my side I hear your prayers I see your tears and if you’re reading this

you’ve been patiently awaiting and praying for something but it doesn’t matter because when you chase you send

out a message of scarcity into the universe each one represents an

affirmation to my blessings the Lord declares he sees every tear you shed and

miracles good health wealth and love will come pushing away Stars tomorrow is

a day of Destiny breakthroughs it’s not like any other God states that you have

been reborn as a new being a child of his and a follower of drawing enormous

wealth into your conquerors prepare yourself for an amazing mere Miracle God

God is mending bodies and resources in ways that promote others success and

exalt your light and I am the one who gives you all the wonderful gifts you

obtain the ones that drive you crazy and the betrayals that one of my darling

children hasn’t experienced so don’t be afraid of what other people could do

with $ the Lord says I am the god who blesses I know that nothing can be

accomplished and that your creation was not an unforeseen event at this point

put your complete confidence in God it transforms everything keep maintaining

hope even and it does your involvement will help us keep communicating the

message of God to those who needed individuals as well as breaking down the

obstacles that exist in your life the future you you will never be alone on

your journey God proved to be your constant companion yesterday if you receive this then I

claim that your Victory is assured regardless of the battles that take

place within your hearts and Minds in the event struggles turn into victories

and turn around that the disturbances of the night no longer represent trials

tribulations heart takes and challenges you may have consisting your adversary

the enemy roams like a bursting lion seeking an individual to

as I get closer to you every day May my relationship with you serve as a

source of Faith declaring that you are prepared for opportunities and benefits

that will drive negativity out of your life I pray for every individual who

needs your support and comfort father I’m will willing to accept whatever you

have in store for me use me to open doors for you trust that everything is

working for your benefit in spite of the devil’s threats and the annoyance of

those around you the joy you thought you would lose turns into a gain because

they will console you put your faith in me and I’ll remove your knees you’ll be

able to express your thankfulness for life’s wonders and love your pain will

be relieved and your mistakes will become impressive because they didn’t

believe in recovery from their illness recall that there is always a second chance when you experience

Misfortune especially when an intimate family memb is reading persistent ideas

and sentiments can strike out of nowhere your life is going to change so share

the weight with others around you if it feels heavy I’m changing your attitude

things will get better and you’ll have more money nothing is able to stop God’s

designs Jesus begs forgiveness saying please forgive them in their final days

where they do not know what they do your life is going to take a drastic turn so

relax and let go of the negative thoughts now type yes if you think that

an economic blessing is on the way Envision it for your mental ideas are

becoming tangible in the real world you’re going to get money and the more

prudently you invest the more money you’ll get back you’re growing faster on

all fronts Mind Body spirit filled and emotions always treasure friendship and

affection as they are Priceless the Positive Vibes and financial support are

coming from the universe taking things to new heights hold open to Miracles

great things are coming including advancements in your health anticipate

plenty of money and excellent Health by thank the Stars the sunset the

oceans the rivers and all the other glories of nature God’s love for us does

not waver in spite of our shortcomings have faith that you will Triumph success

Prosperity love happiness and healing are on the way you are going to be all

right Prosperity affection contentment healing and success will all come your

way thank you promises and trust me when I say that he is going to carry you

through carrying your cross dear child please prepare yourself for and access

trust in God because your efforts will not impact the kind

your life is filled with successes triumphs and breakthroughs healing

metamorphosis and the ability to make pertinent constructive decisions and

acts and the Here and Now rather than how you believe you should be are what

provides at as we move into the positive God is saying to you my dear

child I would like you to rest while my hand works wonders introducing Divine

Rehabilitation for man restore your health you can also expect unexpected

events and enormous achievements as you begin a new chapter in Revolutionary

blessings that are coming your way I sincerely hope that you have amazing

things that have made you smile and given you but occasionally I act as

though I couldn’t possibly know you I apologize and I really do love you back

finances lessons learn it God hears all the requests you make and answers them

unexpectedly I’ll send support recovery and my own suffering in the future

Freedom wealth and prosperity be ready to receive healing love and better

healthc care give thanks for removing obstacles that were preventing your

blessings from entering your life may I hear your prayers and support you in

your faith and gratitude keep in mind this quote whatever you ask to earn in

prayer believe that you please blessings for your attention and your loved ones

finding victory over challenges and understanding your psychological

experiences of distress or despair within considerably remember you have

the power to bring change to us from the background to the Des Center shifting our resumes compared to the bottom to

the top amen good news is coming all of your difficulties you are you are able

to overcome it for your me today I’m coming into your life with the happiness

watch this video and stay tuned until the end to receive surprise miracles

from me Wellness finding happiness and hope in difficult circumstances can be

challenging but my child prepare your soul and your mind there are many

benefits opposing your life in spite of the difficulties God is in charge of the

specifics and will soon make changes to your circumstances decide to transform your

life for the better Jesus did not after all only sit at the dining room table

with ones you will be able to go forward and feel thankful that you are past

challenges as a result of this great change you won’t be concerned by this

months and a portion of those upon whom I am bestowing Heavenly favor will rise

with ease one day I promise you perseverance and prayers because in

for will bring about a lot of big developments Innovations and them also I think I am

good at initiating connections let me help you transition from feeling

overburdened to a very peaceful state of mind I’ll give your head A Tender Touch

from my hand and Heaven shall Triumph prayer is encourag not only for

Necessities but also for expressions of thanks bringing your soul out with every

challenge you face take a look at these particulars that are bringing in a joyful romantic peaceful season

Transformations and miracles I will be with you every day family as long as

there is hope this is your turning point to healing and development which is why

you are being assaulted how make you well again mend your connections and

radiates happiness everyone will be happy for you many thanks for that amen

source is telling you to focus on your achievement attend to every prayer and

ask for help in overcoming all of your present difficulties I pray that Love

Will Conquer and fill our lives you may have been mistreated by others but what

he’s really doing is elevating the good and more importantly the awful the

lonely Jesus is the only son that God sent please show us your thanks by

leaving a like commenting and subscribing to our Channel dot the

affection that you conveys in the name of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being

a part of this journey share this video to your friends and family in order to

spread the message of love to every corner of the world your actions can

have a big impact on how much this crucial message is shared amen

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