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my dear child if you’re reading or listening to this it’s a sign of your faith you yearn for success to truly

live and to find happiness who said you’re Unworthy of

these ignore those Hollow Notions and false accusations you are my child you’ve

welcomed me into your heart you express your love for me and seek me daily and I’ve appointed you an

heir to everything that’s pure lovely virtuous and

kind you’ll realize your dreams that are founded on truth and compassion

therefore stride forward with strong faith in your future achievements and put in the effort it’s never too late an

age is just a number don’t fret if you feel unready I

Empower and equip those who are willing I personally call out to those eager to

draw close to me and serve me with devotion remember you’re here to accomplish

significant and Grand Endeavors regardless of past mistakes or setbacks that’s the reason you believe

in My Sacrifice and Resurrection I’m forgiving your errors offering you a

fresh start a new heart and the chance to rebuild your life I’ll set you as an example in your

household a source of blessings for your family I will quiet those who have

belittled you and clearly demonstrate your your value and my love for you for all to see so ignore those who say

you’re not enough I am your almighty God the one who delivers and redeems you who

Graces you with favor and compassion I Revitalize your tired spirit and with

every single breath I’ll keep showing you my profound love you need to trust

me and receive my love unconditionally your Everlasting Joy

well-being and all your blessings hinge on this trust never cease to tell me of your

love and faith in me remember in joy and in challenges I will forever stand by

you my love for you is why today I bring a distinct message I’ve noticed your

vibrant and Earnest Faith so alive and passionate you’ve matured you’ve come to

know me better learned to trust and to await the right moment to receive the blessings I’ve

prepared for you I am raising an army of courageous Souls eager to live with zest and purpose

ready to spread my love committed to transformation to be entirely

rejuvenated you are one of the courageous Souls I have chosen however I urge you to be mindful

of what you hear and see my word should be your focus I want

you to Feast on it dive into my Holy Spirit by engaging with it reading

listen listening proclaiming writing singing all in the ways I stir your

spirit I wish for you to learn stewardship I’m ready to bless you abundantly but you must nurture and

Safeguard these blessings I don’t Elevate you to feed your ego and the

authority I bestow should not inflate your pride if you desire my blessings to

grow maintain a humble heart avoid engaging in or endorsing gossip or

slander against anyone never act or speak against those who

respect you assist you or provide your livelihood invest your energy in working

serving and being a blessing to your family and Community you’re selected to be

fruitful to venture where I guide you so that prosperity and blessings can

flourish in your household I speak to you as a friend to witness a transformation in your life

you must choose to heed my command and journey with me commit to this path you’re stepping

into a new phase and with your obedience you will prosper I’ve chosen you to be a Defender

for your family to guide you from one Victory to another ensuring my presence

is with you in every success elevating from one level of glory to the next

through your praises and a Heart full of gratitude that resonates within you and permeates your home my little one my

little one I love you champion of champions I will bless you I made no

mistake when I chose you I know what I’m doing because I want you to know how much I love you I have to tell you

something very important listen to me now don’t ignore this message receive

every word I’m about to give you and tell me what you think about this matter I want to talk to you about I come to

warn you that I won’t stop telling you every day how much I love you and I will

find Sweet and beautiful ways to make you feel surrounded protected and always

blessed because of my immense love for you my affection remains steadfast my

promise of Love is detailed in my words affirmed by my sacrifice and confirmed

by the holy spirit’s presence within you igniting in your heart like a fire that

purifies like a forceful wind eradicating every hurtful memory from its roots it grants you calmness and

mends your being offering you a solid strength a Heavenly peace that steadies your walk lifts you up empowers you to

embrace life and devote more love and time to your loved ones this powerful gift I provide is

enveloped in Everlasting Love I came to rescue you and secure a magnificent and

unique place for you in Paradise someday you’ll join me there yet while you tread

on this Earth remember these words I share with you each night before sleep

even if your eyes are brimming with tears rest your head gently on your pillow Cast Away your fears reach out

your hands and welcome this holy oil that heals both body and spirit you’ll sleep soundly undisturbed

and when Dawn breaks you’ll feel rejuvenated instead of anxious I I will keep reminding you I will keep reminding

you every moment of my love my value for you and my high regard I am working

tirelessly for you striving to make your way smooth so that everything turns out

well for you may there be peace in your family may your children grow in wisdom

and may Prosperity fill your home may you be free from debt and may all sorrow

in your heart vanish for good you will hear my voice feel my presence I will

keep holding you close gently telling you about my NeverEnding marvelous and divine

love confess that you indeed want to hear feel and love me

back I crafted your future before you were born I hold those wonderful things

you long for those deep Desires in your heart that you’ve harbored for years and

your prayers for your loved ones everything is noted in my book I forget

nothing for everything there is a right time it’s my wish to bless you to open

New Paths for you to enrich your wisdom your faith humility and patience you are

my treasured child I’ve placed you where you can grow and succeed the root to

Blessings is in your grasp it’s my holy and potent word hold it dear with faith

and diligence keep it close to your heart if your past has been marked by failures if you have succumbed to defeat

and lost good things along the way listen to these words speak them aloud

my past is behind me from this day forth my life my family my future are

blessed utter these words alongside me affirming the transformation of your

life never be ashamed to speak my word before anyone everlasting life is found

in my promises amazing GR and Heavenly experiences are in store for you when

you encounter obstacles that seem too difficult to tackle a sacred message will offer you the insight to

Prevail dive into your Bible read it eagerly to learn and flourish as you do

you’ll feel my presence right there with you Illuminating each passage I’m here

to reside in your heart within my reach are blessings chances Mercy pardon

Divine Vigor and a steadfast genuine plan for you and your loved

ones the days of fear are over I’ve removed the threat from your life give

yourself to me wholly without any hesitation or doubt I will grant you

immense Joy I penned it and I am aware of it even before you came to be I

cherish you no one can hurt you I will rescue you from your distress and show you the answers you need today you will

see a Divine sign of my profound love for you start this day with peace and

Assurance in your heart for I’m going to bestow upon you a wonderful gentle

calmness if at any point today you feel confused nervous or tired just stop for

a moment you’re not wasting your time it’s beneficial for you be quiet sense

my presence Ponder on my words declare my promises and soak in my

love enveloping you feel my reassuring hand on your head I’m here to hold you

close and remind you that you hold a dear spot in my heart my decisions and

thoughts are steadfast they don’t waver with time I won’t abandon you I’ll always be

by your side if you trust that your wrongdoings are forgiven if you’re ready to release your past errors and leave

behind what was if you embrace the love from an everlasting all powerful God

then the vibrant promises in my scripture will come alive for you have faith in me and streams of vibrant life

will emanate from within you rely on me and you’ll gain the strength and might

to face down any malevolence let this day be extraordinary for you as well as

tomorrow and all days that follow beginning each one here with me

listening conversing sharing your worries and celebrating your

victories we’ll map out your goals together plotting the course to reach your dreams don’t overburden yourself

with worry it only steals your calm you live apprehensive about retribution or

my displeasure fearing that I’m upset with you just because you stumbled or

made a mistake remember you are my cherished

child Embrace these truths I impart to your heart there is forgiveness there is

power in the shed blood there is peace and salvation abundant eternal life

awaits you in my resurrection from this day forth you shall feel a beautiful confidence a marvelous

security a love and affection perhaps never before experienced each day come to me speak

with me despite everything awaken each morning with a heart filled with faith

peace and Tranquility trust in me you will Triumph and everyone will see that

I am by your side your blessing is on its way and nothing will block it soon

you’ll find the answers you seek your needs will be fulfilled your health

revitalized the one you cherish will come back to you I affirm this to give you courage Your Face will

your smile will be so joyful that it will Amaze others they will see the incredible blessing I’ve bestowed upon

you my word has been spoken Prosperity is assured I do not deceive and my

promises will be realized keep this in mind to prevent your heart from being weighed down by

worry or distress I am putting an end to your hardship your moment has arrived days

filled with joy and delightful experiences are ahead do not fear my dear one No More Tears no more despair

have faith in me for I am your God reaching out to you now believe deep

within I hear your requests I sense the pulse of your earnest heart your prayers

reach my ears and the gates of my benevolence are wide open to you I am showering you with my blessings

and favor I’m close to those with straightforward faith those with modest

spirits inos and all who genuinely and passionately seek

me always remember you can rely on my strength and my

loyalty I will never leave you alone or abandon you I won’t forget about you as

time goes on if I endured the cross and gave my blood for you it certainly

wasn’t to leave you behind when You Face challenges or when you feel weak in need

or unwell remember I’m always with you I keep telling you this so you won’t ever

forget I am eager for you to reach out to me every day as you remember what

I’ve told you know that I have the power to lift you up my words to you are

reliable for I will surely keep my promises I want you to be filled with

faith to go to bed with peace and to wake up each morning energized confident in my unchanging

promise I will will not abandon you that’s the truth my love for you is

eternal and my blessings are endless this is how it was how it is and

how it will always be tell me do you believe I want to hear your confidence

and joy in your words I know your Life Path your future my beloved there’s no

need to be afraid hold my hand listen to my words early in the day trust in my

promises follow my teaching and you will thrive in moments of great

challenge or when important decisions Loom come and talk to me in my presence you’ll be free from worry and stress

your heart will be calm and your mind clear I promise to give you the peace that should be

yours but I urge you again do not be afraid avoid making decisions in Anger

speaking in distress or reacting to provocations with hostility the adversary seeks to go you into grave

errors the consequences of which you shall regret burdening your spirit and

confusing your soul potentially extinguishing your will to live hearken

unto me for it is to you I speak if you feel these words are meant for you

preserve this message return to it when needed for I am addressing your spirit

directly Desiring not but the best for you you need to make a heartfelt choice

to trust TR in me to look for direction in my words daily and to let them guide

your actions see how I will lead you even in the smallest aspects of life I

want to pull you out of your troubles to erase the sadness in your heart to bring steadiness to your

feelings when past memories overwhelm you and to Shield you from despair when faced with judgment for forgiven sins

and errors so whom will you choose to live for will you give me the right ful place

in your life or will you keep listening to those who don’t truly know me and don’t want the best for you I will

Empower you to become independent of others judgments helping you walk confidently

towards your blessings not seeking anyone’s endorsement not being swayed by

distractions then the false accusations they throw will no longer trouble you

draw near to me search for me talk to me request my help I will provide for you

answer you and show you that my love for you is deeper than you can imagine but let me be your focus don’t

be scared of anything or anyone you’ll see how my holy spirit will move in your life in miraculous

ways trust in me and everything will be all right expect joyful news soon my power

reveals itself to those who believe in me wholeheartedly and genuinely miracles

happen when you dedicate your heart to me when you trust me fully not letting doubts invade your thinking or speech

draining Your vitality or fogging your Clarity I desire your breast to be

filled with Divine sensation to abide there forever reminding you of my promises When Trials Loom I command your

attention now as you listen to me wholeheartedly in the morning I desire your well-being

and have in store for you a future of Harmony and prosperity I wish for your family to be

free from all ill emotions devoid of strife and Division in your home there

are so many miracles I can perform in your pure and innocent heart and I want

you to stay that way always you will see for yourself how your enemies and

insincere friends who ridicule you will fall they think they’re smart but fult

every day consider themselves clever but are mocked believe they’re wealthy and

safe yet live in the Deep darkness of spiritual lack filled only with malice

and jealousy my blessing will always be with you yet you will face challenges on

your path someone will oppose you and confront you but hold on to this truth

and never forget it do not fear them they brag about what they don’t have and

show off what they aren’t they are mired in wrongdoing but pretend to be Flawless on the outside you are my

child and no one can defeat you for I am your protector you aren’t just believing

in an imaginary God I’m alive powerful genuine and Grand my love is real and

I’ve already shown the lengths I’ll go to for you do not be saddened or cry

don’t give in to despair because of threats and lies I am with you I will

rescue you from the attacks of wickedness from dangers want death and illness receive my blessing tell me that

you believe I love you come to me speak with me if you feel unwell today release what

burdens you within for I shall take those feelings into my own hands and transform them one by one sadness into

Joy remorse into Tranquility guilt into hope

and that depression that gnaws at your mind compelling you to heed voices of the past that still deceive you I am

destroying that depression forever more I’m the omnipotent God you are my

beloved daughter my cherished son who obeys and Believes In Me Faithfully

following you deserve this Freedom that I wish to bestow upon you you must be

free today right now from all mental Affliction by the power of my pure and

Holy Blood as you hear my voice receive complete healing and health from head to toe

right where you are rise up pick up your longings from the ground and walk come

for this journey will lead you to the summit of the Holy Mountain to the place of your Victory these sentiments that I

am sowing in your heart are being sealed by my Holy Spirit this blessing I place

before you is certain true you are receiving it if you believe in me and my

Eternal Word you’re on the right path when you place your trust in your

heavenly father who holds deep affection for you this isn’t just your

imagination remarkable Divine acts will occur for all who heed my voice and

choose to trust with earnestness and straightforwardness who honor my

teachings admit their wrongdoings turn away from wickedness and commit to

moving forward resolutely I cherish you my dear child

my desire is to heal you and liberate you from your chains I’m dismantling Every curse and spell that misled you

suggesting there’s someone or something more potent than me in the cosmos that’s simply not true when I speak the heavens

and the Earth feel it and malevolent forces crumble they have no strength against the radiance of my presence no

entity whether of this world or Beyond can contend with you inflict harm or

bring evil your way because you’re under my care My Embrace encircles you my

sanctity Shields you and the strength of my blood safeguards you

continuously let go of Sorrow let go of suffering no more crying out in distress

accept and experience the Serenity and joy I’m offering you right now affirm

that you’re embracing it confirm your faith in me kneel down and Express

gratitude for the abundance of love and miracles about to unfold in your life be

alert I’m informing you that your anticipation is concluding your aims and

desires your blessings are turning into your present reality ready your heart

for the forthcoming joy and astonishment might make you feel unworthy worthy of the bounty I’m eager to bestow upon you

I’m reaching out to your soul once more with kindness patience and love I’m

asking you to refresh your mindset I’m aware you can’t do this with your own might I’m here to assist you in

areas you find challenging but you need to stand up in faith your Bible is

waiting begin to read it every day surround yourself with individuals who inspire your faith who offer you

uplifting words and Aid your growth I’m not distant I’m right there with you next to your

bed you can kneel every morning or just close your eyes in your home or perhaps step outside to bask in the sunlight

take a stroll but no matter where you are Converse with me share your feelings

your thoughts what drives your zest for life always carry a heart of

gratitude Which experiences and which people make you feel

fortunate document my teachings and place them where you can easily see them in short passages that you can read and

commit to memory but don’t just recite them emptily Ponder on them letting your

inner being grasp my love my might and learn to hold the faith that I cherish

you that I aim to enrich your life that I’ve laid out a wonderful and Flawless

plan for you and your kin the day has come for you to receive what you have been waiting for you will not have to

keep crying or enduring anguish there will be no need in your home in all

areas of your life there will be peace and abundance I want to make a deal with you

I want you to come and listen to me every morning receive this word in your heart that will give stability and peace

so that your mind may be renewed From This Moment On expect my visit in your

home before this year ends I will fill you and your family with Harmony love

affection and happiness I love you I want you to tell

me that you believe in me the stronger your trials the greater your victories

will be everything you have suffered and all the pain you have gone through will

not be in vain that’s why I send you these words so that you do not lose

heart these situations you are going through are about to end the blessing

you have been waiting for is about to come to you I have been watching over you this far I have been protecting you

and you were never fighting alone my promise will soon be manifested

all the words of encouragement and strength that I have spoken to you in your life will come to pass my child you

can’t give up now you’re so close to Victory the troubles sapping your energy

will soon be gone scarcity will vanish and I’ll heal every one of your troubles

from that seemingly unbreakable barrier of challenges and

disputes what awaits you on the other side is a joy so profound it will make

your heart sore not just you but also the strained relationships around you

will heal and you’ll rejoice in this gift surrounded by your loved

ones your persistence in prayer is crucial I encourage you to eliminate any

distractions that don’t serve you well cast aside any thoughts that cast doubt

on my promises that undermine your true value and your meaningful Journey they

must go stay away from those who suggest that faith in me is pointless some may appear

friendly but their motives aren’t pure stay alert for my word is true I am

warning you so you won’t be swayed by just anyone’s advice you are immensely precious and I

affirm this over and over you haven’t been abandoned by my love in fact my

love for you deepens daily and there are many more blessings I plan to give you

the hurdles you’re facing now will soon be history all hardship will disappear

hold firm in your faith your family will be whole and loving again I will restore

everything you’ve lost and it will be clear for all to see that my favor and blessings are upon

you I desire that all may witness this so those who once belittled you for your

faith realize that your heavenly father is real and loves you immensely in your distress I answer in

danger I protect in need I assist I have granted you my Everlasting

support for you your family and all your Generations fear not my cherished one I

am with you I am the ultimate remedy for alleviating all your pains both physical

and emotional your faith honesty willingness to follow persistence and determination

in believing in me and my teachings in being with me these are what I value

most listen carefully to what I say trust in me

Follow My Lead stay patient and steadfast don’t fret about what tomorrow

may bring your job is to keep going to obey and to leave everything in my hands

for I am your father and your God and I give you each day not for you to spend it

worrying if you choose doubt over trust in me and give in to worry you hurt my

love for you bringing sadness to your heart and potentially sickness to your

body I know there are times when you feel tired and uncertain perhaps even a bit

overwhelmed but remember I am always right there with you assuring you that I’m not here to pass judgment I’m here

as your companion too I’m setting up a feast of blessings for you even amidst

your adversaries I will honor you in front of your family and all who know

you I will guide you to places you’ve never been and through your life and wor

words many will come to recognize me you are stepping into a Time filled with

Miracles and divine happenings you’ll see amazing things happening in the lives of those you love get ready for

this new chapter accept the incoming blessings with moderation and

humility protect your heart and always remember the source of your

blessings spend time with me daily seek my presence ready your spirit and gear

up for joy I love you tell me truly that you believe in me come to me take my

hand immerse yourself in my presence and saturate yourself with my word grant me

this day what I ask of you a humble heart eyes seeking my will and feet

walking in my paths I shall show you that your blessing is not distant your

soul shall rejoice as your Liberation draws near you shall grb ASP that your

tears shed over certain matters are needless for I am with you my care for

you and your kin is steadfast and the warmth of My Affection will soon envelop you I desire to guide you along a path

of calm to ease the weighty burden of your worries and to banish the harrowing

shadow of fear that sometimes engulfs you fear shall no longer be your companion your mind will be free from

the grip of distressing thoughts and your soul relieved from the torment of dark memories that undermine your zest

for Life witness the unfolding of Miracles my purpose my promise will not

return void it reaches you today to Herald change and transformation behold

the dawn of a new day embrace the forthcoming Wonders that you shall bear

witness to clasp my hand hold it firm as

you Traverse the valley of solitude declare to your adversaries that you are not

forsaken your heavenly father is at your side I await you Harbor no doubt should

you sense that now is the moment to Embark aresh you shall do so with me walk beside me and discover Joy you will

be profoundly blessed ever basking in my love Proclaim it inscribe it shout it

from the rooftops that you reciprocate my love



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