YOU Are Never Alone Gods Message Now God Message Today God Message For You God says God Message

my beloved child what a heartfelt message awaits you my words are here to

soothe your spirit to infuse peace into your being open your heart lend me your

attentive ears and the observant eyes of your soul present to me your willing spirit

for today I come bearing words of Mighty Miracles and wondrous dreams poised to unfold

tune your ears to this prophetic utterance that reaches out to you affirming with assurance that your days

of hardship are nearing their end I Proclaim to you that the final days are

upon us signaling a spiritual battle between the forces of light and the Shadows Of

Darkness your foes may try to overwhelm you with Despair and introduce chaos

into your life yet fear not for I have dispatched Legions of angels to surround

you safeguarding your every step beloved child I have called upon

you to be Valiant and steadfast to embrace courage without succumbing to fear or

fatigue let my teachings guide you from dawn until you Retreat weary from your

endeavors yet boyed by a spirit of Valor for you have bravely championed the

cause of your loved ones and adhered Faithfully to the path I have sent set before you when night falls and you rest

remember the struggle doesn’t cease with Slumber therefore devote a moment to

prayer before sleep claims you your time is a precious gift to me more valuable

than you might comprehend each word you utter in prayer fortifies you do not

hesitate to declare my promises and Commandments with conviction Proclaim them let your voice

resonate in in your Abode and stand firm in your faith should others scorn or

deem you naive view them with compassion for they forego immense

blessings repeat these words with conviction the Lord is my shepherd I

lack nothing say it once more this time with even greater force infused with

belief and zest these aren’t mere lines to be overlooked they are sacred

utterances voicing them Kindles a blaze within you

dispelling uncertainties Melancholy Despair and the Sinister Ties cast by

foes through deceit and falsehoods I yearn to hear your bold

Proclamation my God is my Fortress and Sanctuary Whom Shall I dread the lord’s

name is a Bastion of strength to him I will cry out for Aid and he will Elevate

me in his his Embrace he will soothe my spirit beneath his shelter I shall find

Refuge now halt for a moment you who receive these words revisit them and heed my voice a new shut your eyes

relish every syllable feel my presence shattering the shackles of wrongdoings

and ailments extend your hand rise and step forward embrace the extraordinary

realm I’ve often described to you herein your future is forged

and your blessing is contended for it behooves you to remain steadfast in your

belief and immerse more deeply in my teachings for you are on the brink of

witnessing and comprehending wonders beyond your Ken or

imagination you will truly grasp the magnitude of this Divine love that surrounds you your heart will leap for

Joy when you hear my words at the dawn of a new day you will be aware and

receptive to this guiding voice you will heed my advice and let yourself be led

take my hand and allow me to take you to that place where I will prosper you I am

your tender father yearning deeply for you to live in peace to utterly shatter

and obliterate the curse that tormented your forebears binding them with deadly

worries irrational fears unwarranted envy and turmoil of the Mind here in

this moment in my sacred name and through the virtue of my sanctifying blood I dissolve the bonds of every

ancestral curse I expel from your being every hex sorcery charm and deception

that has brought Affliction to your lineage you are liberated for eternity I have purified your heart from all

malignant sway now I beseech you to welcome me to fill that space the

adversary is vanquished yet your soul must not stay vacant and isolated

unlock the door allow my entry my desire is to inhabit your life perpetually

Accord me the utmost honor devote to me your love and Pledge Your

fty this day Heralds a fresh chapter for you others will take note my love for

you is profound and this shall become evident to the world those in your circle will perceive a new found glow

upon your Visage they will LOD your joy trust in my promise

I am the almighty your God and Redeemer today I’ve shared a message with you

penned by my Holy Spirit speaking straight to your soul embrace it and

express your gratitude engage in prayer with belief anticipate with delight the

remarkable wonders you’re about to witness ask yourself who cherishes you

the answer is clear and your affection for me is evident lend me your ear for a brief interlude before you proceed on

your journey my affection for you is vast and witnessing your benevolent

Deeds your dedication to your family and the value you place on our bond fills me

with happiness I trust in you confident that you will apply the talents I’ve granted you with

wisdom you are not one to Harbor negativity or to resist or stray when I

illuminate your way many wander this world seeking joy and success

far from My Embrace oblivious to the pressing need for their households their offspring

their little ones to recognize me and tread the correct path yet you are

distinct my teachings echo in your Abode you’ve accorded me the reverence I

Merit hence you should always feel assured that your dwelling is shielded by Celestial Guardians concentrate on

what’s truly essential for your family unity and affection the treasures that

never wne in your profession and all your Pursuits act with integrity and

conscientiousness refrain from uttering destructive words as they wound the spirit and strike with

ruthlessness you are imbued with forgiveness and my spirit animates you

daily as surely as Dawn follows night your feelings will find their rightful

place each unfolding now naturally your days will be adorned with

bravery calm eagerness delight and serenity this is no mere Miracle it is

the blessing that flows from my sovereignty to those Souls who earnestly seek me I am not concealed or elusive

some say they look for me but see nothing their sight obscured yet when

the veil from their eyes is lifted they perceive I have been everpresent here I

stand sense my joy in you now your existence brings me contentment you have

Gladden my heart I Harbor no grievances against you do not linger on your faults

or shortcomings should your detractors reappear know it is their envy that

gnaws at them you remain robust and vibrant many blessings and opportunities

to help and serve your family and others await never cease to trust in me say it

aloud accept my blessing I speak to your Champion’s heart today do not give up do not falter

do not despair do not entertain doubt or fear I’m your protector your Shield your

strength your friend your father your God I repeat I am your God you will

receive the blessings destined only for the brave rise up for two today is the day of your

Liberation you have spent too long in sorrow your strength waning but as

always in the midst of Trials you have shown your great Valor you are my child

and from your mother’s womb I decreed that you would be born and live to thrive and bless yet the vile enemy

sought to entangle you in his cruel lies to destroy your spirit he used his

messengers of evil to threaten your simple heart filling you with fear but always there was a flame within your

heart unexplainable and when it seemed you had reached the depths of Despair you heard

my voice calling to you I sought you out and rescued you with great

Triumph you witnessed my glory wonders and miracles I desired to perform in you

even now amidst these trials stand firm and show your enemies that in your

humility and simplicity resign guides my greatness you must fight in prayer

experience my power I will grant the beautiful things you ask according to my will I will answer you I will provide

what you need I must prepare and strengthen you for the great things that will soon

come in the days ahead focus on seeking and listening to me I Will Reveal Your

Destiny I will change your life soon wait for me I love you what a beautiful

person you are I like your way of being I am pleased with what you feel when you

speak with me when you close your eyes how dearly I cherish your heart

when it dances with the rhythm of Joy the kind of celestial Delight I’m infusing into your soul erasing every

Speck of discomfort pain or sickness when you hear my voice I yearn

for you to feel overwhelmingly loved you needn’t trudge through life burdened and

sighing over the trials you face I adore you and this very day you’ll sense that

affection in countless ways I’ll make it evident to you speaking directly to your heart should anyone attempt to disturb

your peace they’ll find you enveloped in a love So Divine it repels all

Strife if sorrow dares to touch your spirit My Embrace will unfold you dispelling every ounce of grief filling

your heart with unbridled Joy your friends will witness this

transformation puzzled and inquiring about your newfound happiness your

adversaries will Retreat their schemes to dismay you utterly foiled by the IM

impenetrable Joy within you a Celestial Shield of protection will encircle you

with Legions of angels stationed around your home safeguarding your loved ones relentlessly trust with every fiber of

your your being my love for you is not a figment of imagination but as palpable

and vital as the air that fills your lungs it’s a force more potent and Splendid than any wonder you could

envisage my love envelops you instilling life and vigor this is your most

precious gift therefore I treasure your daily gratitude the moment you rise to greet

the day offering thanks and committing your path and time into my care you are

an example of Faith even though Others May ridicule you for believing in an

omnipotent God whom you cannot see but you know well that I’m real that I watch

over you attentive to your needs with the faith you possess you will rise

living feeling knowing that you are a child of the creator of the universe

with immense confidence in every step you take with the face shining with so much happiness my beloved child your

unwavering spirit and heart full of gratitude touch me profoundly you possess an Exquisite soul

and I eagerly await our next meeting at Dawn’s first light remember I am Forever

by your side my love for you is boundless should you seek to navigate today’s challenges lend me your ear and

listen closely from my very lips you will receive the guide guidance you seek

though your trials may appear daunting remember you have entrusted me with your

life and your heart reinforcing the belief that with me all things are

possible Embrace this truth declare it Proclaim it pen it down but above all

hold it in your heart for God nothing is unattainable immerse yourself in this

conviction my promises are vibrant and active aimed at healing your realm and

transforming Your Existence my words are not feudal they

are potent and purposeful while change might seem slow or arduous never forget

that you are The Offspring of the omnipotent it’s time to transform your mindset urgently my Holy Spirit dwells

within you endowing you with Divine strength miraculous occurrences are on

the horizon when you wield my words with compassion treat others with kindness

master your anger and choose to nurture rather than wound those dear to you I’m

opening your eyes and showing you wonderful things cry out to me and I am answering with beautiful Revelations

come and seek my word every day listen attentively tune your ears open your

Bible understand that you have access to a supernatural world where you are loved

protected guided and directed by your heav Heavenly Father Day and Night in every place whether you feel good or bad

I will be with you always as my word promises but you must also understand something important your spirit and my

spirit are connected you have an open door to the land of Miracles but your feet are planted in a natural

world problems will come conflicts will arise enemies will come against you to try to harm you it’s part of your life

and your process but nothing can defeat or overcome you you have my support you

have my help my word is in your heart you have the strength of a champion your

unshakable faith is your solution now rise up and face your problems with

determination I love you so much and I am strengthening you tell me you believe

in me shout it write it again nothing is impossible for God be calm you will not

be ashamed everything will turn out well my cherished one never believe that you

are alone or forgotten for I Am steadfastly by your side no person has

the power to demean or ridicule you without facing me your protector those who dare to oppose you

are in truth challenging me hence fear not your well-being is under my Vigilant

guard in moments when adversaries confront you seeking to see you stumble

remember to turn to prayer whether they mock yell or conspire against you your

Refuge is in my presence kneel and find peace your faith is a mighty Force Let

It Be Your guide in decisionmaking before you act seek my

counsel when uncertainty about the future Creeps in recall that I am the

keeper of your destiny and that of your loved ones I am your Shield impervious

to any harm aimed at you stand firm and Valiant especially when you feel trapped

or under siege do not succumb to fear or be swayed by deceitful emotions I have

affirmed time and again your immense Worth to me even in the darkest hours

and fiercest battles hold on to the truth that you are precious infinitely

more valuable than the rarest Treasures your significance to me

transcends all Earthly riches believe me and accept yourself for who you you are my beloved redeemed

cleansed washed in my blood transformed child and though the enemy has returned

to attack you with fiery darts from the past all your mistakes and sins no

longer exist I do not remember them and no one has the right to accuse you

receive my word bend your knees persevere in believing do not be

discouraged You are not alone I know you love me I know you believe believe in me

a wonderful blessing is about to arrive receive it because you deserve it for the faith you have demonstrated you have

strived and shown bravery despite numerous challenges fear

has not overcome you you are a person of great Valor and unwavering character only the tenderness

of my love and my holy affection can touch you and bring tears to your eyes

you possess such spiritual sensitivity you know when my presence surrounds you and discern the spiritual

enemies who come to wage war against you but in their presence your knees do

not tremble you’re not cowardly nor do you flee as others do beloved a profound

transformation awaits you the favor about to unfold in your life is immeasurable my love for you is

boundless and I’ve proven it time and again through your trials your sorrows

and those silent nights when I cradled your spirit offering Solace that

transcends understanding with the dawn you found renewal your heart was

emboldened your path illuminated revealing the splendid plan I have for

you your unwavering Faith triggers the outpouring of divine blessings a

rejuvenating rign for you and your loved ones now is the time to heal to step

into my embrace rce to lay down every strife and every Shard of resentment

it’s time to let go of past Discord and welcome a heartfelt

reunion Embrace this Divine gift and let it shape you endowing you with profound

wisdom to fortify your spirit learn my teachings and become a beacon for those you cherish while some may hesitate to

follow they’ll be inspired to change as they see the remarkable transformation and my love

and might are manifesting in you allow yourself to be used by me fear

not you will not be put to shame if someone mocks you or seeks to cause you trouble treat them with

respect and I will take care the rest remove complaints from your lips feed on

my wise Commandments read my word store it in your soul love and respect

yourself as I love you treat your family and every one with the same patience

with which I have treated you do it now and soon you will see those Miracles you

have long awaited those of difficult character will change those who had lost

their way will find their way back to your home and when they arrive I want them to

see you as an example never be afraid to approach them

let them feel your love if they come to you do not scold or judge them pray for

them tenderly without complaints or judgments like prodigal children they

will return in Repentance you will go out to meet them and they will come running to you

crying beloved child I call you to a mission of compassion and boundless love

Embrace those who are lost and weary with open arms just as I have embraced you in your times of need you or to

clothe them in the Garment of Love removing the stains of their past

without judgment or scorn love them deeply forgive their

transgressions wholeheartedly even when their choices and flaws seem foreign to

you remember I am not appointing you as their judge or

executioner my command to you is simple yet profound to love as I have loved you

unconditionally and and without reservation despite your own stumbles and Falls have I ever cast you aside no

for my nature is one of endless patience and forgiveness I’ve always offered you a new beginning and I will continue to

do so because my Essence is love and mercy I acknowledge that your errors

have led to pain both yours and others yet through this you have gained wisdom

know that you are alive breathing and loved because of my enduring Grace and

kindness I have never dealt with you based on the weight of your mistakes

thus I call you to the same standard of Grace to uplift to heal to love and to

forgive reflecting the very heart of my being come every morning and give me the

opportunity to fill you with peace and give you the necessary wisdom so that you may rise to that level where you

will earn the love and respect of your family you will guide them all to my

holy path and one day not too far away everyone will know me because you have

lovingly delivered my message to them and with your attitude you have shown them how much I love them my cherished

one brace yourself to step into a realm filled with joy and blessings witnessing

your entire family embrace me as their Divine protector and guide your steadfast faith faith and resilience

against adversity fill my heart with immense pride and joy know that my love

for you is boundless and profound and it is my deepest desire to shower you with

my favor I promise to envelop you in an outpouring of prosperity Serenity and

joy for each moment you devote to our sacred connection let us Forge a Divine

pact throughout your day my voice will guide you and no matter where you find

yourself you will feel the comforting Embrace of my presence once more I love

you immensely tell me that you love me too come let me give you a loving

Embrace rest your head on my chest surrender your thoughts be silent I want

just a minute of your time listen to me carefully because I’m going to tell you

what your soul knows it needs to hear embrace my words and let healing flow

into your life heed my guidance and cast aside all fears no harm shall come your

way my protective Embrace is your Shield my omnipotent hand your Sanctuary trust

that I will provide for all your needs I am your Defender and

supporter feel the Deep peace that soothes your spirit and fills your heart with a gentle calm I’m showering you

with a delightful downpour of Joy a profound Tranquility do not be swayed by the

words of others they do not truly see you nor do they value you as I

do ahead of you lies a future resplendant with promise and a journey

brimming with blessings I bestow upon you the gifts of wisdom and bravery empowering you to

make bold choices and stride toward your forthcoming triumphs no adversary can

thwart your path no colossal challenge can defeat you your transgressions are

absolved no addiction can ens snare you no spell can claim dominion over

you stand firm and Valiant let not fear dismay or discouragement

Prevail stand up and face your enemies firmly you live under my shelter and you are covered with the shadow of my love

which protects you from evil I will fill you with strength so that your faith does not

waver I will give you to drink from the rivers of Living Water and from your

heart will flow Fountains of blessing my beloved child as Dawn breaks and you

open your eyes to a new day feel my warm embrace enveloping you I am everpresent

steadfastly moving obstacles and shaping paths through seemingly insurmountable

challenges because of my boundless love for you you are

precious to me an adored member of my family even as the world may shift and

change my unwavering promise to you stands Eternal each day brings its own Journey

with moments of light and Shadow yet remember I have triumphed over all adversities to ensure you can also rise

and experience true Joy This Joy you find will not be rooted in Earthly

Treasures but in the Divine peace and happiness that comes from our connection as you

step into each day let your heart be light knowing that my plans for you are

filled with hope and purpose when you seek my guidance know that I’m here

listening intently and ready to support you in times when you feel lost when all

seems fleeting and solutions seem just Out Of Reach pause and reach out to me

in those quiet moments know that I am with you offering my unwavering love and

support my heart is filled with tenderness for you as I guide and speak

to you nurturing our Eternal bond with infinite affection it is immense solid

and unwavering compelling me to be attuned to your emotions to console and shield

you if only you understood my love there would be no reason for you to be

consumed by despair continuously I want you to feel deeply

cherished both day and night in moments of joy and bitterness for my love for

you transcends these fleeting emotions that wage war within you challenging your

faith my child even when Shadows cast their doubts and worries threaten to

steal your peace remember my promises are steadfast and Timeless I know the

burdens you carry weigh heavily on your heart and it’s human to feel

anxious yet amid these trials I urge you not to surrender to despair the enemy

might tempt you to doubt to abandon your faith and to drown in sorrow but remember you have a choice whose voice

will you heed trust in me and I promise you a life filled with eternal Joy profound

peace unbreakable strength and boundless happiness if you listen to the voice of

doubt you’ll find yourself lost in in chaos overwhelmed with Despair and nursing a wounded spirit I

speak to you now because I believe in you and I know you believe in me hold

fast to my unwavering love in the words I share with you today my love for you

is infinite and I will never leave you remember I am always here ever ready to

listen to comfort and to provide for you you’re never a burden to me I cherish

every moment with you when you speak with me you honor me and in return I

fill you with my presence fortifying your spirit mending your mind and healing your heart I eagerly await our

time together tomorrow ready to shower you with my love and wrap you in my

tender Embrace as you step out into the world the stronger your trials the

greater your victories shall be all your suffering and pain will not be in vain

therefore I send you these words to encourage you your current situations are about to come to an end the blessing

you have long awaited is about to arrive I have been watching over you thus far

protecting you and youve never fought alone my promise will soon manifest all

the words of encouragement and strength I have spoken in your life will come to pass my beloved child today is not the

day to lose heart for you stand on the brink of a wondrous Victory the burdens

that sap your energy are poised to dissipate scarcity shall recede and I

promise to mend every Affliction beyond the daunting barrier of trials and tribulations awaits a

delightful Revelation that will Infuse your life with gladness this Joy will not be yours alone estranged bonds will

mend and together with your loved ones you will Revel in this new found

blessing your steadfast faith and Zeal are indispensable your commitment to

prayer is the Lynch pin I urge you to cleanse your thoughts of any distractions that detract from your

focus anything that seeds doubt in my promises or obscures your sense of value

and Mission steer clear of companionships that undermine your faith in me or

suggest it’s in vain while many May Court your favor under the guise of friendliness their motives might not be

sincere exercise caution my teachings are your beacon of Truth this

forewarning is my gift to you so you may not be swayed by every word spoken to

you remember you are immensely precious and I reaffirm this

unendingly you are never forsaken by my love on the contrary my affection for

you intensifies with each passing moment numerous are the blessings I yearn to

shower upon you irrespective of the adversities you confront beloved today marks the end of

your struggles stand firm in your belief for Unity and love will fill your home

once again I promise to restore everything you’ve lost making it clear that my grace and blessings are with

you I wish for all to see the change in you to make even those who doubted your faith acknowledge the profound love your

heavenly father has for you trust that I am ever mindful of your needs and always

ready to listen in moments when you feel all is slipping away when Solutions seem Out Of

Reach remember I’m here to hear you my desire is for you to sense my nearness

to feel cherished in joy and in sorrow my love for you is

steadfast deeper than the passing emotions of the moment will challenges May arase and

worries may be justified resist the pull of Despair avoid negative thinking and

doubting my care for you Ain each day to the truth of my all-encompassing love

even When Trials test your faith be assured that my promises remain

unbroken amidst all negativity know that I stand with you confronting the doubts

aiming to weaken your spirit ultimately the decision lies with you will you

believe in me thus gaining eternal life complete peace unyielding strength and

boundless happiness or will you heed the enemy’s Whispers remaining in confusion

and despair trust in me for I will never abandon you bring your worries to me

find solace in my care dismiss the murmurs of doubt and Solitude experience

the comfort of my nearness even through the bleakest moments I’m here to soothe

and Empower you understand how cherished you are to me nothing can sever the bond

of my profound vast and sincere affection for you hold on to this truth even when you

stumble or air my affection for you is constant I do not waver I do not

mislead except my love with all your heart and let your faith be unshakable you will not stumble you will

not be destroyed you will not be defeated have faith stand up and move

forward with belief and confidence depend on me for I will never abandon

you share your convictions with me sense my presence I’m here ready to listen

trust in me as simply and purely as a child does only I can fully grasp and

address the concerns you face though you feel entangled and lost from my

perspective I assure you there is a path way out the answer to your dilemma is

Within Reach let me guide you and listen to my words fill yourself with Divine

wisdom and every day I will come and speak to your heart my promises are the key that will help you out of your

despair just come to me on your knees in heartfelt prayer after you’ve poured out

your heart rise with Vigor to embrace your dreams and Ambitions I hold

everything you desire within my reach trust in me for I am the Eternal

Shepherd guiding and providing for you in abundance you shall not want for

anything speak your needs and I will fill your life with wisdom and Untold blessings you seek my

Aid and I assure you Solutions and guidance are on their way I will illuminate the p path you

should tread attending to those intricate matters that seem out of your grasp whenever confusion clouds your way

reach out to me confide in me all that weighs down your spirit keep your heart

buoyant and your mind Serene do what is within your power and for all else trust

that I am at the helm lovingly overseeing every aspect of your journey

beloved your focus must dwell on matters of Greater significance devote yourself

to prayer for your loved ones and stand firm for their well-being they face

their trials and through your guidance they will learn of my ways and grow in faith and

trust my heart overflows with blessings for them eager to transform their lives

I envision your family bonded in unity with peace as your constant companion

engage in prayer and fasting for it is vital yet also step for forward engage

with them lend an ear to their concerns and offer them your presence and understanding mirror my love and care

for you in your actions toward them through your example let them see

my reflection and come to know me as their God my love for you is boundless

and I yearn to accompany you through every trial and Triumph United in our

journey no sorrow challenge or despair can overpower you

Behold a new chapter unfolds before you brimming with transformation and fulfillment the promise you have longed

for is on the cusp of realization and through your steadfast faith it is time

to embrace the blessings destined for you it is no mere coincidence that you

find yourself watching this video at this juncture you shall receive a divine

revelation a message descending from the heavens soon soon a trial shall come

upon you you may believe there is no way out even feel as though I am not by your

side but all shall be well this is your calling my child this is your appointed

time my daughter all that has occurred has been part of my Flawless plan you have

descended to the deepest Abyss but now it is time to rise to Stand Tall to dust

yourself off and to ascend may you hold these words close to your

heart recalling them whenever you are on the verge of surrender in these moments you may feel

encumbered by debts and worries as if there is no Escape as if you are in a

tunnel devoid of light but I am there my spirit accompanies you in these moments

of trial engage with my teachings therein you’ll discover

everything needed for Triumph even if this challenge appears vast remember my

might surpasses it no obstacle is beyond my control in me you’ll find all you’re

missing everything your heart desires cease your fretting halt your

grief I will Elevate you from your current Place leading you steadfastly you will tread the path I’ve

prepared adhering to the righteousness I’ve prescribed do not deviate do not drift

do not become indifferent you won’t have to face your trials Solo in these times

I bestow upon you the Vigor to ascend I alleviate your burden and I endow you

with belief your dreams won’t be crushed by the adversary I’ve designed a plan a route

there’s an objective you’re meant to reach amid turmoil and trials I’m active

subtly orchestrating I’m realigning the breezes for your benefit

though unseen their shift you’ll sense you’re aware my words hold truth

you sense a significant breakthrough is imminent your blessing approaches Gates

you thought shut will swing wide where ruins lay Roots will form in the Gloom

light will break forth I grant you wisdom to settle your debts I show you ways I give you Prudence to avoid

falling into the same troubles cease to heed the words of of the enemy Cee stumbling over the same stumbling block

I clear your path I make way for you my angels surround you like a shield of

divine protection those who desire your downfall shall be disappointed those who seek your defeat shall not succeed I

stand with you as a mighty giant so fear not be not afraid for All Shall Pass

remember that I have planted seeds of blessing within you your prognosis is a deluge of abundance so open your arms

and receive what I have prepared for your life it is written that each of my children is born for

abundance your paths are not the paths of the world cease comparing yourself to

those who dwell in the Earthly realm your ultimate reward lies in heaven in

this world you will face malice and encounter many who unknowingly serve Darkness do not lose heart for this

aligns with my Divine scheme everything is pre-ordained and will unveil in due

time the events unfolding now are foretold in my scripture many will turn

indifferent and embrace deceit yet you must stay untainted persist on the journey I’ve

laid out for you resist the lure to deviate from my guidance for though the world may entice

you your strength must Prevail be mindful that this realm is under the sway of the adversary but with your

trust in me and and by offering your heart I will shield you march forward

with bravery valued child do not falter esteemed daughter for your blessing is

nearing I’ve instructed that doubt creates a rift between us but your resolve must

endure bolster your faith immerse yourself in my teachings and all will

align affirm your faith in me in the name of my cherished son Jesus I can

hear your Afflicted heart I hear the Cry of your wounded and weary Soul I’m

acquainted with your struggles and Sorrows I also know your thoughts and aspirations I’m aware of your concerns

and the stress generated by each problem I’m not oblivious to your plight

my child I know all about you therefore on this day I want you to know that

every tear you have shed and every pain you have endured I have felt in my heart

I have not left you alone in your darkest moments I have been by your side sustaining you with my love for there

has never been a moment when I have distanced myself from you my love for you is eternal and

unconditional and even in this moment when you may feel defeated and downtrodden remember that I am always

with you I will not leave you nor forsake you even in the darkest of times

do not hesitate to open up to me cherished daughter treasured son I am

intimately acquainted with every facet of your essence I celebrate your triumphs and achievements yet I am

equally familiar with your vulnerabilities and lapses there have been instances when

you felt disconnected from me wandering without Direction however I want to

reassure you that during those times my love for you remains steadfast my

affection is unwavering and everlasting regardless of how often you

may drift away or disappoint me I am always here patiently awaiting your

return be assured that my forgiveness knows no bounds and within my embrace

you will discover the Serenity and joy you long for come closer to me immerse yourself

in my teachings for therein lies the Solace and in sight you need to surmount your

trials Step Into My Embrace cherished son immerse yourself in my loving

presence treasured daughter and let me mend the scars upon your

heart bring me your burdens and your worries I will carry them on your

behalf my power can transform any pain into strength and any grief into hope

dare to trust in me now lay everything at my feet I will grant you the the fortitude to rise above the grief and

desolation that press down on you just grasp my hand and let the light of my

being scatter the shadows in your existence do not hesitate for in the

midst of the storm I will be your Sanctuary within turmoil I will be your

calm in loneliness your fellowship in suffering your comfort and

might remember my love surrounds you surpassing any obstacle you might face

stay by my side I am your shield and steadfast Rock even as troubles

overwhelm you I’m with you to lift you up and hold your head high therefore

fear not and allow my love to transform your life and that of your family let my

light illuminate your path and Lead You towards joy and optimism my desire is to to behold your

heart filled with joy and hope never doubt as you approach me in prayer for I

am always ready to listen and respond to your supplications for whatever you ask in

faith knowing it is for your good and the good of others shall be granted unto you so trust in me and my plan for you

for I have benevolent intentions and always seek what is best for you once

more I say come unto me and hesitate not to seek me I will guide you with the

light of my word and impart wisdom and direction to your life do not be disheartened if at times you falter or

feel weak remember that in me you will always find forgiveness for your faults and strength

for your weaknesses place your trust in me letting my love permeate every

crevice of your heart and my presence imbue every part of your essence enable

you to extend the same kindness and Grace to others that I have lavished upon

you on this day of significance I Proclaim your Liberation from every form

of pain and Gloom I dissolve every shackle of suppression that has bred within you feelings of Despair sorrow

and remorse step away from what once was and stride toward the bright future I’ve

set before you do not dwell on past errors or Ru over them nor attend to the

malign Whispers be assured within my love you will continually discover

pardon and renewal for your spirit therefore do not pause on your journey back to me resist being swayed by

Notions or ideologies that stray from my teachings and do not let harmful remarks

disturb you bear in mind that you are my Offspring my most prized

possession and I will accompany you through every chapter of your

existence from now on proceed with the assurance that I will never abandon or

neglect you I will be perpetually at your side guiding you towards the

Abundant Life I have pledged to you simply commit yourself to my care and

witness how my love reshapes you endowing you with strength beyond your wildest dreams I cherish you my son I

cherish you my daughter my love for you is boundless surpassing all

understanding remember my prence will accompany you every single day until the

World’s End heed my words for they hold the strength and direction needed to

dismantle the malevolent forces that encircle you I your God and Father have

blessed you with an extraordinary and distinct power a force that will steer you to triumph over every Challenge and

lead you to prosperity and every facet of your life it is essential that you do

not allow yourself to be influenced by those who perceive you as weak or unsuccessful they do not comprehend the

plan I have for you the Society of this world may teach you that success is

attained without me but let me tell you that only through my power will you

experience true success and the abundance of Life do not allow yourself to be swept

away by the current of this time towards fleeting and empty Pleasures be wise and

stay away from Evil despite the economic challenges you may be facing do not let

your faith weaken nor let anything occupy the place

that belongs to me in your heart don’t try to tackle your challenges on your

own put your faith in me and in the depth of my love for you rely on my

wisdom and I promise that with me by your side you’ll surmount any hurdle

that comes your way invest all your hope in me and you’ll be enveloped in an extraordinary

piece a piece that goes beyond all understanding and will anchor you

securely even amid life’s tumultuous waves my word declares that I intend to

shower you with blessings enriching every facet of your existence my intent

is to bring Prosperity not just to you but to your family as well affecting

your children and the generations that follow you are invaluable to me my love

for you is not just unconditional but Everlasting and my plans for you are consistently benevolent and purposeful I

will never leave you I am Forever by your side offering guidance and support

at every juncture you do not have to seek happiness in the things of this world

much less in the material possessions it offers seek me immerse yourself in my

presence and delve into my word for in it you will find the path to attain all

my promises I want you to see this not as a list of unreachable commands but as

a loving guide brimming with words of encouragement that steer you towards a

meaningful and Abundant Life by embracing my words and trusting

in me I Pro promis to shower you with the Bounty of blessings granting you Prosperity grace and favor beyond your

grandest dreams my affection for you dear child is beyond what you can fathom

I am ever eager to enrich and Elevate you simply place your trust in me seek

my presence earnestly and follow my directives you will see how I transform

your existence into a narrative of Hope and victory in a manner only only I can

achieve do not give in persevere to the end invest your

whole being and steadfastly hold on to my assurances for they are steadfast and

true though the world may present you with doubts challenges and hardships

maintain steadfast faith in me cling to my word for I am the god who makes the

impossible possible nothing is too intricate for me within my power you will find strength

and provision for each of your circumstances do not be influenced by

misleading beliefs or the pessimistic views of those who fail to grasp my teachings or my intentions for you the

world’s wisdom often stands in stark contrast to mine found in my sacred

word indeed the path I propose might look unusual and challenging from a worldly perspective but have faith each

step Guided by me brings you closer to the prosperity and completeness I’ve destined for you do not fear as you face

trials or obstacles be mindful that my infinite love will uphold you and I am

with you at all times in every situation and decision you confront simply commit

the course of your life to my care and I will be your Navigator your protector

and your fortitude together we will confidently and securely sail through life’s stormy seas

my Holy Spirit dwells within you providing unwavering support guidance and insight never to leave you or

forsake you even now he imbues Your Existence with Solace Direction and

Enlightenment listen to his voice within you be still and heed it for he shall

guide you to truth and remind you of my promises in moments of trial and uncertainty simply trust in me beloved

child and when the burden feels heavy and you believe you can bear no more

come to me and rest in my love do not allow discouragement and adversities to

Veer you off course entrust me with each and every one of your needs I shall take

care of them recognize that you’re never alone in your endeavors for I am your

support and Swift Aid moreover always bear in mind that each Challenge and

obstacle you encounter is merely a step or staircase guiding you toward a life

abundant with blessings where you can truly prosper and Thrive my son my

cherished daughter my deepest wish is for your joy and success yet it’s

crucial for you to grasp that the joy prosperity and satisfaction I provide

are not rooted in material riches or societal Acclaim real achievement isn’t

Quantified by what you own or your accolades true joy and success reside in

living a life filled with meaning and purpose adhering to my teachings and expressing love towards others my grace

and compassion are perpetually at your disposal trust in me and affirm my

teachings I will provide for your every need in your dwelling I will realize

your dreams and fulfill your deepest yearnings I will enact marvelous Deeds within you imbuing your spirit with

delight and your heart with contentment I call upon you to be proactive in your journey and apply the lessons you’ve

gleaned from my teachings my dear child it’s imperative for you to transform

your mindset so that your speech might be transformed as well purify your

speech removing any negativity do not let the words you speak Hind or restrict

the wonderful blessings I’ve destined for you expel negativity from your

thoughts and shut the door on disbelief within your heart refuse to let your mind be clouded

with futle thoughts that aim to diminish your faith and obstruct the Divine Prosperity intended for you and your

loved ones don’t let yourself be swayed by the fleeting and insignificant distractions

that the adversary might place in your path reject any Temptation that Strays

you from your true purpose and turns your focus away from what truly matters stay far from those who use

their words to tear down and harm for their intentions are not rooted in love

do not succumb to the fruitless Endeavors that stem from worldly desires which only serve to obstruct the path to

your dreams and aspirations immerse yourself in my word

let it be the nourishment that transforms your mind and through it may

your faith grow stronger with each passing day speak my word declare it

with conviction each and every day and I promise you that the blessings you articulate will manifest in your life

Envision a future brimming with abundance and blessings for this is the promise I lay before

you remember when you place your trust in me and reach out with a heart full of

Faith there is nothing you ask for that won’t be realized your life your loved ones and

all your tomorrows are under my care those who put their faith in me

will never face disappointment I am your father and your God when my teachings guide your steps

you are within My Embrace there is no need for worry or fear for I am always

with you ensuring your life life is cradled in Everlasting peace ready to

deliver you and help you overcome every obstacle before you for with the power

of Faith you shall be able to overcome all that obstructs your path to success

and prosperity my dear child always remember

that it is my deepest wish to transform your life with my teachings I aim to guide you to new

Vistas where you can bask in my my peace joy and contentment my hope is for you

to realize your Ambitions and bring your projects to fruition maintain a strong faith delve

into the wisdom of my words vocalize and assert them and you’ll discover the Vigor needed to surmount each Challenge

and obstacle I will supply everything necessary for you and your

family to live in blessings enjoying harmonious and United moments together

have faith in me for I am ever presentent even in moments when you may not sense my nearness I am with you in

every Sunbeam in every Gentle Wind that Strokes your cheek and in every smile

from your loved ones know that you are dearly loved and you are my most

Splendid creation designed for a magnificent purpose brimming with potential and Grace do not let negative

confessions hold you back do not let difficulties cause you to lose confidence in me I have given you the

strength the ability and the courage you need to face any situation or problem

that arises no matter the size if there is anything in your mind

or heart that hinders your growth and progress in faith discard it now do not

allow thoughts that stray from my teachings to restrict what you can achieve I’ve fashioned you for

magnificent purposes destined you for a life abundant in blessings blessings

poised to Eclipse any trials you confront now my cherished one place your faith in

me I am steadfast I will not let you down the promises I’ve made today will

be realized you might not perceive or sense it immediately but trust that I’m

orchestrating everything for your benefit when the moment is right when

you are are wholly prepared I will unveil the opportunities essential for

achieving your aspirations your visions and your endeavors meanwhile I urge you to

maintain belief and trust in me refresh your spirit with my word immerse in it

vocalize it affirm its truth in your life I promise this transformation will

Mark a new chapter for you by altering your mindset you’ll transform your

life therefore don’t lose heart press on I’m ever by your side offering my

support as my treasured child know that my deepest wish is for your joy and

success in every aspect of life please my child never forget that faith comes

by hearing and hearing by my word and through faith you will be able to

achieve all that you set out to do come on keep going and do not grow weary of

declaring my word instead rise with determination and

courage declare now words of blessing and not of cursing for in your mouth

there is power and authority to bind every obstacle and negativity that may be hindering your

blessings today declare with faith well-being and prosperity over your life

over your children and over your Generations May every project you undertake be a success

and may you achieve all your goals and projects just trust in me and I will

make your life like the light of dawn increasing until the day is perfect

today let your voice echo with conviction that you are already Victorious through Christ Jesus in these

moments when Shadows of Despair Loom and you wrestle with the more Dawning aspects of

Life understand that I am right beside you you are never abandoned I am your

Refuge amid turmoil your light in the darkest times and your steadfast

Foundation I stand beside you watching over every step eager for you to see the

depth of my unwavering love for you do not be daunted by my words for you are

not fighting alone place your trust in me and Champion your faith knowing that my

strength is greater than any adversity you face I urge you to resist the pull

of Despair do not feel overwhelmed or give in to the trials that life lays

before you though the road ahead may appear shadowed and strewn with hurdles

that seem too high to overcome remember there is always a beacon in the night maintain your faith

and believe that there is a reason for everything even the most challenging experiences you

endure that is why my child today I encourage you not to give up on everything you’re going through and when

you feel you can no longer bear it pause for a moment and listen to my voice

Whispering within you for I am the voice of Hope the voice that reminds you that

you are not alone in this battle nothing is lost and above all things you are a

conqueror remember you are my child the manifestation of my love in this world

you are my unique and precious creation I have called you to live in Victory and

blessing so there is nothing that can stop you if you trust in me do not give

up keep moving forward even when weariness overwhelms

you and tears are your only company know that you have the strength within you to rise once more for you are braver than

you believe and and stronger than you imagine my dear child remember that my

support is ever present for you there is no weight too heavy for me to lift no

issue too complex for me to unravel if you welcome me into your life and follow my lead you’ll witness how obstacles

recede and answers emerge so never hesitate to seek my

assistance for I am ever eager to hear your prayers and address your needs now

is the time for you to stand tall and recognize that every Sunrise Heralds

fresh possibilities avoid clinging to past regrets gaze ahead with optimism and the

resolve to advance do not falter you are here with a mission a journey to Embark

upon and a destiny to fulfill let not hardships divert you from your course nor allow despair to

douse The Light Within you place your trust in me and in the blueprint I have

for your existence even when life’s root seems convoluted believe that all is

meticulously orchestrated for your betterment and evolution let me steer you through turbulent times and I

promise the serenity you seek will be yours resist succumbing to

despondency persist in your journey for my love and forgiveness accompany you

always trust in in me and let me envelop you in my arms whispering to you the

love that burns in my heart for you for you are loved beyond measure and beyond

all human understanding be strong and courageous beloved child so that when the storm

threatens to capsize your boat you may sail with the certainty that I will be

your strength the light that dispels the shadows and the anchor that steadi your

life trust and my love will be the shield that protects you and the breath

that propels you forward today is your time my child keep

moving forward without ceasing no matter how many struggles tests or tribulations you

face my steadfast love will be your constant companion keep pressing forward

and don’t lose heart for no matter the obstacles or trials you face remember

I am your rock and my love is the beacon guiding you to brighter days my cherished child today Embrace

bold steps of faith knowing with full assurance that I am cradling your life In My Loving Hands you shall never walk

alone again with me by your side every hurdle you encounter will be

surmounted and you will discover the peace happiness and abundance you

seek my my love for you is endless my precious one today Proclaim boldly that

you are already Victorious through Christ Jesus

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