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“YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SKIP THIS” | God message jesus |

he is watching you God is saying to you

today my beloved child it is I your

heavenly father gently holding your hand

in mine feel my presence enveloping you my

voice a soothing whisper in the depths

of your soul do not let fear take hold for I am

Forever by your side your unwavering

support your Guiding Light your

impenetrable shield when the storms of life rage

around you know that In My Embrace you

will always find a sanctuary of

Tranquility Solace and unshakable

peace each trial you face no matter how

daunting it may seem I am their offering

my hand to guide you through the

darkness you are never alone on this

journey for my infinite love surrounds

you infusing your spirit with resilience


strength in a world full of change and

unknowns I am your constant your Solid

Rock and your Haven of

Serenity I am intimately attuned to

every Whisper of your heart every

unspoken longing and every dream that

stirs Within

You Feel My Love in the gentle caress of

the Morning Light in each Breath You

Take and in every tear that

falls you are a treasure beyond measure

to me and my deepest desire is to see

you thrive and flourish in all aspects

of your

life when Shadows of Doubt creep in or

despair tries to take hold lift your

eyes to

me I am

here always with open arms ready to

embrace you to reignite the flame of

hope within your heart and to reawaken

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love Jesus in the vast expanse of the

universe amidst its infinite wonders you

have been chosen and cherished with a

love that knows no

bounds even when the path ahead seems

shrouded in uncertainty and your mind is

filled with questions and fears remember

that my love for you is unshakable and

eternal no force in existence has the

power to sever that

Bond it is only natural to feel

overwhelmed during times of adversity to

seek answers and

Clarity when you bring your struggles to

me trust that I listen with compassion

and understanding never with judgment or

condemnation do not allow the noise of

the world or the opinions of others to

sway your

heart you are a Priceless treasure in my

eyes with a Divine Purpose that only you


fulfill guard the sacred thoughts and

desires that dwell within you sharing

them not carelessly lest they scatter

like leaves in the

wind I know the very essence of your

being and long to free you from the

chains of worry that threaten to consume

you I am acutely aware of the challenges


face and in the moments of isolation you

may feel yet I have equipped you with

strength and wisdom to overcome let not

the shadows of negativity or the weight

of circumstances dim the light that

shines within you you are destined for a

unique path a journey that is your alone

to Embark

upon in times of Doubt turn to me seek

my guidance and find comfort in the

assurance that I am always by your

side I see the sacrifices you make in

caring for and protecting your loved

ones type if you believe in Jesus

Your Role is the foundation of your

family and the love you pour into them

does not go unnoticed

each new day is a gift from me a chance

to embrace life and fulfill your purpose

with courage and

Grace I grant you is an invitation to

draw closer to me to find in my presence

the renewal and Direction you

need my desire is not only to bless you

with material Provisions but also to

fill you with wisdom peace and

unconditional love

as you entrust your worries to me and

lean on my promises I assure you that

you will have not only what you need to

plant seeds of Faith but also the

patience and understanding to await the

Harvest so in the midst of your daily

responsibilities make it a priority to

seek my face for in me you will find the

Refuge and nourishment your soul

craves Together We Will Conquer every

obstacle and you will witness my grace

overflowing into every aspect of Your

Life release your concerns about the

future for each day has enough

challenges of its own recall the

innocence and Delight of your

childhood approach me with a heart full

of trust and openness just as a child

comes to a loving

parent there is no need to fear judgment

or hide your flaws from me I see every

part of you and love you

unconditionally my deepest wish is for

you to experience the depth of my


love to feel secure In My Embrace and to

know the unparalleled peace that I

offer I long for you to prosper in every

area of your

life even when your efforts seem

fruitless trust in the perfect plan I

have designed designed for

you hand in hand we will create a future

abundant in blessings and

joy as you navigate the path ahead

remember that you are under my constant

care and

protection I am your everpresent

companion walking beside you through

every step of your

journey type Amen in the name of Jesus I

am your Shepherd and with me you shall

lack nothing

I will lead you to rest in Lush Green

Meadows and guide you beside Tranquil

Waters I will restore your soul and

Empower you with renewed

strength my goodness and mercy will be

your constant Companions and you will

forever dwell in the safety of my

presence I am here to bring healing and

wholeness to your

life it is my heart’s desire to enrich

your your days and fill them with

purpose I am committed to uplifting you

supporting you and delivering you from

all that weighs you

down embrace my words believe in them

and stand firm upon them in the coming

days I am poised to unfold extraordinary

Miracles and wonders in your life and

the lives of your loved

ones time and again I have given you my

word promising you a future filled with

hope Abundant Blessings and unimaginable

possibilities my word is my unbreakable

Bond etched with the Seal of my

faithfulness I will bring it to pass I

will make it a

reality as you place your trust in me

let peace and joy flood your

being cling to my promises and release

the burdens of tomorrow

refuse to entertain thoughts that breed

negativity for they only serve to steal

your joy Cloud your vision drain your

energy and obscure your spiritual

discernment instead choose to walk by

faith allowing me to lead you along the

path of unwavering

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$ I am fully aware of the daily

battles you

face the enemy seeks to discourage you

mocking your faith and attempting to

convince you that your efforts are in

vain but I urge you to rise up armed

with my promises and confront every

obstacle and negative circumstance St

headon declare my word with boldness and

move forward with unwavering

determination even in moments of

weariness trust that I will be your

strength walking alongside you every

step of the way let me reassure you once

more the adversary who boasts of his

power is no match for

you his lies and accusations are nothing

more than empty threats

will you believe the deceitful words of

the enemy or will you put your faith in

me The God Who breathed life into your


being even the mightiest storms bow in

obedience to my command my power Knows


Limits though many may try to bring you

down I alone am your true advocate in


fight if you stumble a thousand times my

grace and love will be there to restore

you each and every

time should the enemy attempt to

overpower you know that I will fortify

you a thousand times

over and if you find yourself falling I

will be right there to catch you and

lift you up

again my desire is for your heart to

overflow with the courage and Faith of a

victor of a triumphant Warrior who in

the face of adversity and through every

trial emerges Victorious and claims the

prize you will seize the crown achieve

your dreams Vanquish every enemy and

rise to the Pinnacle of blessings with

my spirit within you as your

banner type I embrace my power to affirm

i gaze upon you with immeasurable love

and pride declaring to all of creation

this is my beloved child

express your love for me in

return release your anxieties your

frustrations and your discouragement

into my

care trust that I hear every prayer you

utter I am forging paths through your

Wilderness and from my Throne flows a

mighty river that washes away your

burdens purifying your soul and bringing

you peace and

Tranquility prepare your heart to

embrace faith hope and a profound sense


calm quiet the Relentless thoughts that

besiege your

mind allow me to reach into the hidden

Corners where painful memories reside

causing you distress and

sorrow I am your lord your

Redeemer I have forgiven your mistakes

and there is no need for self-

condemnation or

uncertainty if your love for me is

sincere and you hold fast to your faith

let go of the notion that your

circumstances are Beyond

repair it is not my will for you to live

in constant tension and

anguish I do not desire for you to spend

your days with your eyes downcast

lacking the faith to lift your gaze

heavenward I want you to be liberated

from all worry on this very

day though you may be living in a world

filled with pain you have been chosen

for such a time as

this you are exactly where you are meant

to be and though your journey may have

been challenging every step has been

part of my divine plan to ignite your

faith today the trials you have endured

have cultivated within you a humble

heart ready to receive the abundance of

wisdom and incredible blessings type I’m

abundant to affirm I am about to bestow

upon you your financial struggles will

cease when you loosen your grip on


possessions your family is a treasure

more valuable than your health or your

future as you navigate the path I have

set before you keep your eyes fixed on

me I am the light that illuminates your

way the compass that guides your steps

and the love that sustains you through

every Valley and

Mountaintop embrace the unique purpose I

have crafted for

you in the Quiet Moments When The World

falls away and you find yourself in my

presence let my love wash over you like

a gentle rain refreshing your spirit and

filling you with unshakable

peace allow my words to take root in

your heart blossoming into a vibrant

face that withstands every storm and

radiates hope to all who cross your

path remember my precious child that you

are never

alone I am your steadfast friend and


father I will walk beside you holding

your hand and Whispering words of

encouragement and wisdom to guide you

through every season of your

journey so as you rise each morning let

your heart be filled with anticipation

and expectancy knowing that I am already


work trust in my timing for I hold every

moment of your future in my hands and I

promise to lead you into a destiny that

surpasses your wildest

dreams lean into my love rest in my

presence and allow my spirit to infuse

you with the strength courage and

resilience you need to face each day

with wavering faith for I am your God

your father and your everpresent help in

times of

trouble I will never leave you nor

forsake you and my love for you knows no

bounds so my child lift your eyes to the

heavens and fix your gaze upon

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let my constant companionship my love be

the anchor that steadies you my grace

the wind that propels you forward and my

presence the light that illuminates your

path for in me you will find the

fullness of joy the depth of peace and

the assurance that your life is held

securely in My Loving

Hands Walk confidently knowing that I go

before you preparing the way in in

making crooked paths

straight trust in my goodness lean on my

strength and allow my love to be the

foundation upon which you build your

life for I have great plans for you

plans to prosper you and give you a

future filled with hope and

purpose rest in the knowledge that you

are cherished beyond measure loved with

an everlasting love and destined for

greatness in my

eyes embrace the journey ahead knowing

that I will be with you every step of

the way guiding you protecting you and

showering you with my boundless love and

grace you are my beloved child and my


Delight never forget the depth of my

love for you the power of my presence in

your life and the Glorious future that

awaits you as you walk hand in hand with


rise up my precious one and face each

day with the confidence that comes from

knowing you are

loved Chosen and destined for

greatness let your light shine brightly

reflecting the radiance of my love and

watch as I unfold the beautiful story of

your life one precious moment at a time

my beloved child in the depths of your

being where the essence of your soul

Soul resides I implore you to trust in

the unwavering love I hold for

you Perfection is an illusion a mirage

that dances on the horizon forever Out


Reach instead seek solace in the beauty

of your

imperfections as you stumble and falter

remember that I am here a constant

presence amidst the

chaos I understand the that throbs

within your heart when you Stray From

the Path I have laid before you when

your emotions pull you into a tempest of

regret but know this forgiveness and

mercy are the bomb that will soothe your


soul type to show your belief in

Jesus each Dawn brings with it a chance

for Redemption a fresh canvas upon which

you can paint the story of your life

in moments of darkness when the world

seems to close and around you I will be

the light that pierces through the

Gloom I will illuminate the depths of my

love for you a love so vast and profound

that it defies the boundaries of human

understanding trust in me hold fast to

the unbreakable bond that tethers your

heart to mind for you have a destiny to

fulfill a purpose that thrums through

your veins like a sacred

Melody do not let the weight of

loneliness crush your

spirit instead immerse yourself in the

warmth of My Affection the comfort of my

presence give me your faith pure and

untainted like that of a child who knows


fear believe in the sincerity of my love

for you a love that transcends the

limits of time and space

I am your guardian your protector and

you will never walk this journey alone

in the face of adversity when conflicts

threaten to overwhelm you remember that

I will be your

strength I will equip you with the tools

you need to emerge Victorious to rise

above the challenges that seek to pull


down when discouragement casts its

shadow over your heart I will Breathe

new life into to your being infusing you

with the resilience to press

on allow yourself to be loved to bask in

the radiance of my

grace do not fear the Judgment or

rejection of others for their opinions

hold no sway over the truth of who you

are in the Stillness of the night when

your soul yearns for a comforting word a

hand to hold an understanding year know

that I am there

I see you not through the lens of

judgment but Through The Eyes of


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nourishing your spirit with the

sustenance it

craves let your love for me be the

compass that guides your actions the

driving force behind your

devotion for it is not the Grandeur of

your Deeds that captures my attention

but the authenticity of your

heart I am not swayed by empty displays

of piety by those who Proclaim their

love for me while har ing malice in

their hearts I cherish the quiet

strength of your faith the unwavering

commitment that flows through your veins

like a sacred

River in return I promise to answer your

prayers to shower you with blessings


measure as you walk with me hand in hand

let your fears dissolve like Mist in the


sun I will fortify your beliefs

anchoring them in the Bedrock of my

truth worry will find no place to take

root for I will guide you to verdant

pastures where peace and Tranquility


supreme in the chaos of your daily life

carve out a moment to be still in my

presence allow me to lift the burdens

from your shoulders to ease the tensions

that not your muscles and Cloud your

mind I long to transform your Tri s into

triumphs to turn your Sorrows into

joy for it is my deepest desire to

Lavish upon you a bounty of blessings to

see your life overflow with

abundance your daily prayers and praise

are a sweet fragrance that rises to the

heavens a Melody that resonates in the

chambers of my

heart open your eyes to the countless

ways I’ve been working in your life the

tri s and challenges that I have used to

mold you into the person you are

today without my presence you would have

succumbed to defeat long ago but I have

been your shield and Fortress type

to manifest mirales in your life

acknowledge the deserts you have

traversed the battles you have fought

and know that I was there standing

beside you every step of the

way if I have delivered you from

inumerable able afflictions in the past

trust that I will do so

again no one can rob you of the

blessings I have ordained for your

life in The Crucible of Trials let your

spirit be

renewed when Giants loomed large before

you and you turned to me in fervent

prayer I fought on your behalf

vanquishing your foes with the power of


love through the might of my spirit I

have fortified your heart against the

arrows of the enemy infusing you with

strength when your own reserves ran dry

when Affliction threatened to overwhelm

you I poured out my grace enabling you


persevere you are cherished Chosen and

valued beyond measure and my commitment

to love you knows no

bounds I will demonstrate my devotion to

you and in Endless ways showering you

with affection at every

turn now rest assured in my love and

continue to walk hand in hand with me I

invite you to open your heart fully to

me to welcome my presence into every

corner of your

being allow me to take the Throne of

your life to reign supreme in your

thoughts emotions and

actions as you surrender to my by

Leading remarkable Transformations will

unfold and an extraordinary life will

Blossom before your

eyes obstacles will crumble chains will

shatter and limitations will fade

away as you embrace me as your daily

guide I will lead you to a place of

unimaginable blessings a future so

bright and glorious that it will take

your breath

away my life giv breath will Infuse your

heart with new vitality and no enemy or

curse shall have power over

you type Amen in the name of Jesus in

the Lush pastures of my provision you

will lack nothing for I have decreed it

so my love for you Knows No Limits and

your restoration is my ultimate

desire I hold the pen that writes your

destiny and I have shown you Mercy

wiping away the stains of your

past no accusation no discrimination no

scorn can touch you for I have cloaked

you in my

grace you are worthy of Every Blessing I

long to bestow upon

you you are stepping into a new season

not because of your own merits but

because of the value I have placed upon


life when you gaze into the mirror see

yourself through my eyes a beloved child

fearfully and wonderfully

made it Grieves my heart when you listen

to The Whispers of Deceit when you allow

the opinions of others to overshadow the

love and care I lavish upon

you embrace the truth of my words let

them take root in the depths of your

soul I have created you for a purpose

chosen you lifted you up and positioned

you at the perfect intersection of time


Destiny your success is not contingent

upon the shifting tides of worldly

circumstances the negativity that swirls

around you or the challenges that Loom

on the

horizon no force on Earth can hinder the

blessings I have set in motion for you

from the very throne room of

heaven but the choice is yours will you

place your trust in me un wavering and

steadfast or will you succumb to the

doubts and cynicism of those who seek to

lead you

astray will you cling to my promises

anchoring yourself to the rock of my

faithfulness or will you lend your ear

to the lies of the enemy lies that aim

to disorient and defeat

you remember there are those who desire

nothing more than to see you crumble to

watch as your spirit is crushed beneath

the weight of their mouth

Alice but I am your Refuge your Fortress

your everpresent help in times of

trouble in my presence you will find

love protection and

encouragement I call you to live

enveloped in my peace to let my love be

the very air you

breathe walk with confidence knowing

that a future of Triumph and blessing

awaits you as you remain steadfast in me

take care of yourself type I claim it if

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