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You Need to Pray | Message From God | The Blessed Message

my beloved child in an eternal moment

where time fades in my presence I allow

myself to manifest Before You In This

Moment not as the distant and

unreachable God many imagine but as the

essence of love that permeates the

entire universe my greatest desire my

child is for you to find true happiness

when you place your faith in me and

strive to follow my Commandments you

discover a profound joy and renew your

hope for the future I want you to know a

truth I always always hear your prayers

and respond to them as it is written in

the Book of Matthew ask and it will be

given to you seek and you will find

knock and it will be open to you I am

here to bless you guide you lead you and

teach you but remember often I do not

answer questions that are not asked of

me show your faith in me Converse with

me through prayer question what I expect

from you on this journey the answer may

not come immediately or in the way you

expect but it will come with your great

faith I your God can lift you up in any

situation for I am always by your side I

will open doors and pour out blessings

upon you without measure do not let

difficult moments shake your faith for I

never abandon you in adversity do not

despair remember that I am in control of

all situations and keep your faith firm

in me for you will achieve all your

goals and dreams for your life know that

I TR truly live and speak to you I am

the same God who saved Noah from the

flood parted the Red Sea and led Israel

to the promised land and the power of

Miracles is present in your life too I

am always ready to listen and answer

your prayers I will guide your steps and

help you discover the message I have for

you if only you seek me with a sincere

heart you must Prevail in Love For Love

is the essence of my nature and the bond

that unites all things do not worry

about the paths that lead you to

material success or fleeting Fame but

rather about how you spread the love

that emanates from your being every

gesture of kindness every word of

encouragement Every Act of compassion is

an expression of my love working through

you my beloved fear not for love

conquers fear light dispels darkness and

hope transcends despair as you walk this

journey called life always remember that

you are loved beyond measure and that

your greatest purpose is to share this

love with the world around you let love

be your guide your compass in the storm

and your anchor in the turbulent Waters

of existence in it you will find peace

joy and true fulfillment for where there

is love there am I present caring for

you and leading you along the path of

abundant life that I so desire for you

to live if the scenery around you

remains unchanged create new possib

abilities and when changes arise seek to

understand them if challenges intensify

face them head on and when things become

smoother be

grateful if sadness approaches find

reasons to rejoice and when you are

happy share that happiness with others

and when you need to start a new keep

your faith and believe firmly in

me my word is a precious guide for you

teaching you to live wisely

however it is essential not only to hear

it but also to put it into practice when

you truly obey my word you find

Salvation for it holds transformative

power in your

life receive my word which is planted in

your heart for it has the power to save


concretely it brings salvation to you in

this present moment revealing Horizons

once unseen and showing the way out of

the problems you face

draw near to me for from me emanates a

strength capable of transforming your

life the holy spirit will give you the

courage needed to do what is right as

you approach my word for it brings with

it wisdom strength courage and

protection one who keeps my word in

their heart will be guarded by it the

evil one cannot touch them bringing

great joy do not content yourself with

just listening true salvation comes when

you put my word into practice

my child no one understands the

difficulties you face with people of

difficult temperaments who see malice in

everything and are quick to judge better

than I do I advise you to be a good

person ready to listen and slow to speak

learn from me your heavenly Father for I

am always here to listen to you even

when it seems like no one else is

listening to you know that I am

attentive to you if I listen to you I

can do for you what no one else can my

eyes are upon you seeing your good

intentions I am patient with you for I

do not wish for you to be dragged down

by the evil that tries to enter your

heart have faith in me for I have faith

in you I do not want you to be destroyed

by evil on the contrary I desire for you

to grow in kindness and love I am always

ready to do good for my desire is to

save all I do not wish to reject you

because of the mistakes you make but

rather to extend my hand to help you you

my heart burns with desire for you I

long to attend to you and take care of

you write this in your heart I hear you

I open your ears so that you may hear me

when anguish afflicts you when despair

seems to dominate your heart and you

feel lost in the pain that suffocates

you close your eyes take a deep breath

and allow your heart to be guided by my

love know that there is no pain that

does not pass no despair that hope

cannot dissipate no situation that faith

cannot save stand before me and trust

that if I allowed you to face this

challenge it is because I know that you

are capable of overcoming it be assured

that I would not allow you to face such

a trial if I did not know that you would

be able to surpass it my beloved child

prayer is something Grand commendable

and when you are in prayer you bring joy

to me by seeking me out however the

purpose of prayer is not to manipulate

my will or force me to do what you

desire on the contrary prayer is the

channel through which you receive the

blessings I have already reserved for

you when you seek to know my will and

what I have prepared for your life you

will experience more abundance and

receive answers to your prayers at times

it may seem like my answers to your

prayers are slow to come or even that

they don’t come at all but know that

this does not mean I don’t care or that

I am not listening in fact often I wait

to answer your prayers because I trust

that you will make the right decision

other times I require you to wait

patiently for the answer so that you can

strengthen your faith and trust in me

and sometimes my answers may not be what


expected regardless of the answer find

comfort in the fact that I always hear

your prayers and desire only the best

for you as your heavenly father I am

taking care of you and guiding you to

become the best version of yourself

trust in me for I am always by your side

no matter the circumstances you are

experiencing right now you are not alone

I am by your side always I do not

promise to remove all the problems but I

am here as a loving father always

seeking the best for you I am ready to

give you the strength you need to

overcome all the difficulties you

encounter along the way so have faith in

me at all times believe in my ability to

turn your tears into smiles and make the

impossible happen learn to trust me in

the plan I have for you even when you

don’t understand the reasons for the

difficulties you face accept them for I

Am by your side at all times ready to

guide and support you there is something

you should never forget I love you

deeply I have never abandoned you and I

will never abandon you even if sometimes

you don’t feel me or don’t perceive my

presence know that I am here by your

side within you enveloping you with my

love and embracing you at every moment

trust in me for my love for you is

eternal and

unshakeable amen if you believe in these

words leave your Amen in the comments


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