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You Surprise Me – God Message Today God Message For You Today Gods Message Now

you surprised me I instructed you to be

strong but you exerted yourself and

chose to fight with all that you

possess you have gone above and beyond

what I asked of you you are an Exemplar

of loyalty and

Fidelity I observe with joy that all the

seeds I have sown in you which sprouted

and grew have borne such beautiful

fruits that is why better and brighter

times are approaching you are advancing

beyond your desires and dreams and you

will not cease until you conquer that

land where blessings and happiness

abound I understand that at times you

perceive things

differently your emotions falter when

you begin to feel envy and rejection

from people even those who profess to


you instead of recognizing your goodness

they persist in seeking ways to make you

feel miserable they delve into the past

dredging up memories to wound and

shatter your

spirit but as you listen to me today

make this decision just as you have

demonstrated your faith and strength in

the midst of pain also adopt an attitude

of Victory do not allow anyone to

destroy your efforts to do right do not

grant them the opportunity to dictate


emotions place your trust solely in my

word and be guided by the promises it

holds for you know that you belong to me

I will envelop you in my love I will

personally confront any enemy who dares

to challenge you they may attempt to

sneak into your mind sowing confusion

and mocking your faith discard those

thoughts that aray when problems

surround you when conflicts converge

when weariness sets in and when you are

burdened with numerous decisions when

your spirit is weary come and rest rest

assured that in my presence you will

find comfort and hope the sum of your

troubles will not diminish the

protection of my

love understand this I did not send

these situations your way I assure you

that from where you are you will emerge

with my mighty hand to rescue

you I have never wanted you to suffer

Beyond Your Capacity I would never send

you a trial you cannot endure you will

emerge from this situation

and I will remove the heavy burdens from


shoulders it is not my will for you to

live in solitude and sorrow your future

is so magnificent that your enemies seek

ways to steal your

blessings however in this battle you

have the choice and your faith is a

sword that can conquer the obstacles in

your path you will falter if you open

the door to negative thoughts and

emotions sent by your

enemies but you will Triumph if my Holy

Spirit holds the foremost place in your

life and

heart I have fulfilled my part I have

granted you

salvation I have prepared an inheritance

of Victory and blessings for

you now you must stand firm as you have

done I come to tell you just in time

that you are on the brink of reaching a

spiritual level where Miracles occur in

your daily walk do not

regress you have gained much ground do

not squander the tears you have shed the

sacrifices you have made and the trials

you have endured it does not matter

whether your family appreciates your

efforts or not focus on the goal your

faith and determination are stronger

than steal exert yourself and be

courageous many have abandoned their

purpose and regret their situation but

you have a different future my

presentence surrounds you my spirit

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