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YOU WILL BE PUNISHED IF YOU SKIP | God message jesus |

God will never let me down God is for me

and not against me without God I’m

nothing sometimes God takes you on a

journey you didn’t know you needed to

bring you everything you ever wanted

trust the plan faith means that you have

peace even when you don’t have all the

answers don’t wait until something

positive happens to give God glory

praise God for the promises that are

still to come maybe God is using the

battle you’re facing to prepare you for

the blessing that’s coming whatever your

questioning God has the answer talk to

him Jesus says ask and it will be given

to you seek and you will find knock and

the door will be open to you God never

makes a promise that he can’t keep trust


word difficult prayers to pray but will

change your heart Heart Lord break my

heart for what break yours Lord bless me

so I can bless others too Lord help me

not to forget you when I have my

answered prayers already Lord help me to

forgive because you have forgiv me

comment amen if you believe it save

these reminders for when you need them

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