YOU WILL BE PUNISHED IF YOU SKIP | God Message Today | Jesus Says |

I love God because even though I deserve

nothing he gave me

everything always remember God will give

you Direction about your situation not

confusion ask God for

peace today I pray that you surrender

your timeline and grab a hold of his

peace trust that what is meant to be

yours will be yours God is not in a

hurry you are it’s why you’re tired it’s

why you’re anxious it’s why you are

frustrated stressed and disappointed

trust in God’s timing rely on his

promises and believe in his miracles you

got this God is going to come through

for you at the perfect time keep the

faith God knows the right time the right

place the right person and the right

answer to your prayers trust him nobody

knows how much you cried but God does

you will overcome this because God is

with you in your

battles when life gets harder hold on to

God tighter God please clear my mind


overthinking I’m so tired set your minds

on things above not on Earthly

things never get tired of asking God to

guide you whatever you’re questioning

God has the answer talk to him God never

makes a promise that he can’t keep trust

his word always it’s the most powerful

tool against wor worry doubt and fear

today’s prayer dear God amidst the strum

of overthinking anchor my Restless mind

help me trust in your plan release my

anxieties and find peace in your

unchanging trust remind me you hold

tomorrow guiding every step God is going

to give you more than you asked for

comment amen if you believe it save

these reminders for when you need them

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