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Jesus why are you not see my

struggle my child I see your heart and I

understand your struggles trust and my

promises for they are true and

unwavering your faith is a powerful

force and it connects you to my Divine

love in moments of Doubt remember that I

am with you always ready to guide you

and uplift your spirit dot as you walk

this journey embrace the strength that

comes from our connection you are never


and I am continuously working in your

life too bring about goodness and

fulfillment your destiny is marked by

grace and I have set a path for you to

walk in Victory do so my beloved stand

firm in your faith

knowing that I am in control let my love

be the anchor that

studies your soul in the midst of life’s

challenges you are cherished and your

future is filled with hope walk

confidently in the assurance that I am

leading you to a place of Abundant

Blessings and everlasting Joy continue

to seek me for in me you will find the

peace that surpasses


understanding your journey is a

testament to my love and your story is

written in the tapestry of my divine

plan trust believe and re the Abundant

Life that awaits you I love you share

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