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YOU WON’T BE SAVED IF…????️ god message | god says, god message today

god’s message today my child, you will not be saved.

These words may sound harsh, but it is a fundamental truth that we all need to face.

Salvation is not a guaranteed right, but a path that each of us must choose to walk.

In this world full of temptations and distractions, it’s easy to lose sight of the vital importance

of connecting with God.

But the truth is that without this connection, without accepting the sacrifice of Jesus Christ,

we remain separated from our Creator.

Since the dawn of time, the promise of salvation has been a beacon of hope for humanity.

God, in His infinite mercy, reached out to everyone through Jesus Christ, offering a

path to redemption and eternal life.

Salvation, therefore, is an open invitation, a call to turn away from darkness and enter

into the glorious light of His love.

However, it is clear from the Scriptures and from observing the world around us that not

everyone embraces this offer.

Why will some not be saved?

God, in His sovereignty, has given everyone one of the most powerful gifts free will.

This power of choice allows each individual to determine their own course, including their

response to God’s call.

Declare God, I choose to follow your path of light and truth every day.

The complexity of salvation and damnation lies not in God’s will to exclude, but in

the human decision to turn away.

The Creator ardently desires that all come to know the truth and be saved, as expressed

in the words that state that He wants all men to be saved and come to the knowledge

of the truth.

The message of the Gospel is clear and resounds through the centuries as a universal call

to redemption.

Jesus, the beloved child, was sent into the world not to condemn the world, but so that

the world could be saved by him.

Salvation is therefore an extension of God’s infinite love, a bridge laid between sinful

humanity and a perfect heavenly Father.

Moving on, we must consider the impact of sin on the human heart.

Sin entered the world through the initial disobedience in Eden and has left an indelible

mark on the heart of every human being.

This sin manifests itself in various ways, obscuring the truth and distorting the perception

of the need for a Savior.

When analyzed more deeply, it becomes clear that sin not only separates man from God,

but also creates a barrier that prevents the perception of one’s need for salvation.

Many people, because they are immersed in their own desires and worlds, fail to recognize

their state of perdition and the urgency of redemption.

Declare Lord, enlighten hearts blinded by sin, so that they may see Your light.

Our Savior, Jesus Christ, addressed this dilemma when he preached about repentance.

He knew that the only way to overcome this barrier of sin was through a contrite heart

and a spirit willing to surrender completely to God.

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand, Christ cried, as an open invitation to all

who truly wish to be transformed.

In addition, the Bible describes in several passages the fate of those who choose to ignore

God’s call to salvation.

It is said that Jesus will come with His mighty angels and inflict vengeance on those who

do not know God and those who do not obey the gospel.

This is a solemn reminder that rejection of divine love is not without eternal consequences.

Comment Renew me, O God, and make me a new creation in Christ.

The choice to deny God, therefore, is not simply an isolated act, but a path that leads

to eternal separation from Him.

This is not God’s desire for any of his children.

He longs for each person to experience the fullness of life that can only be found in


God is love, and His invitation to salvation is an echo of His desire to restore everyone.

However, it is essential to recognize that the responsibility of choice lies with the


God, in His perfect love and justice, does not force anyone to love or accept Him.

That would be contrary to the essence of true love.

True love, the love that God offers, is an open invitation to voluntary commitment and

devoted love.

Dear brothers and sisters, join me on this journey of faith!

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