Your Endurance Will be Rewarded | God Message Jesus | god message for me today - online calculators

Your Endurance Will be Rewarded | God Message Jesus | god message for me today

my child in your Quiet Moments of reflection allow my love to encircle and Encompass

you feel the warmth of my Divine affection pouring over you as sunlight bathes the Earth this love is

yours to embrace always offering solace in times of distress and joy in moments of Triumph my love

flows boundlessly unburdened by the limitations of human understanding it seeks only your willingness

to receive it so open your heart fully to my love and you shall be eternally filled with a sense of

belonging and purpose amidst the clamor and Chaos of the world let my love be your Refuge a place of

Serenity where you find rest for your soul allow me to direct your path and guide your decisions

for my wisdom surpasses all Earthly knowledge when you entrust your plans to me I will establish your

steps leading you toward fulfillment and purpose your Earthly understanding may be limited but my

Divine wisdom is Limitless as you walk in step with my spirit you will navigate life’s twists

and turns with confidence and Grace I will light your way Illuminating the path before you your

trust in me is a testimony to the world of my faithfulness and love in your moments of rest

and reflection seek my guidance and listen for my voice I speak to you in the quietness of your

your heart and I will not lead you astray your faith in me is a source of strength and Assurance

rest in my presence knowing that I am with you always guiding you on the path of life in your

moments of rest you will find refreshment and renewal my presence is a Wellspring of life and

in it you will discover the peace and strength you need to face each day trust in me and you

will find rest for your soul and amen type Amen in the comments and get blessed today

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