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Your Victory is Near | God Says | GodMessage Today

my beloved child listen closely for I

jesus shall address the chains that bind

each and every soul on this Earthly

plane understand that these chains may

not be physical akin to the iron

shackles that once held Peter captive no

these chains are far more Insidious

woven from the complexities and burdens

of life itself I am the only one who

possesses the power to set you free to

break every chain that ens snares you

some among you feel the weight of these

chains an overwhelming sense of

entrapment from which Escape seems

impossible These Chains may be tight

thick and unyielding leading you to

believe that hope is but a distant dream

many of you Harbor certain problems

Bound by the grip of addiction

unforgiveness or past wounds inflicted

by loved ones these chains may seem

unbreakable d minating Your Existence

and leaving you feeling lost and without

hope yet I assure you no matter how

tightly These Chains constrict you no

matter how long you have dwell within

their grasp there is still hope I your

God possess the power to set you free

the question that lies before you today

is this do you desire freedom for I am

the ultimate chain breaker capable of

releasing you from the bondage that

grips your life life some may choose to

remain bound finding solace in their

sinful ways unwilling to seek

Liberation however if you are present

here today yearning to be free from the

chains that confine you I declare that I

can deliver you today the opportunity

for Freedom through me your Jesus Christ

is within your grasp reflect upon the

chains that hold you captive consider

the mistakes sins and limitations that

weigh heavily upon your

spirit understand that there is no

middle ground in this battle you are

either bound or free with no room for

ambiguity I know intimately the feeling

of bondage but I also know the

exhilaration of true freedom I implore

you to choose the path of Liberation to

shed the chains that hinder your

progress imagine the possibilities that

await you once these chains are

shattered Envision the heights you can

reach without the burden of fear in in

security guilt or negative words spoken

over you imagine the depth of

relationships you can cultivate without

the chains of shame or

self-doubt my beloved child your destiny

is too significant your purpose too

great to Traverse this life burdened by

chains what holds you back does not have

the final say for I the chainbreaker the

most high God am actively working in

your life prepare yourself for a shift

is imminent you shall no longer be

enslaved to sickness depression or fear

now I ask you what are you clutching on

to that hinders your progress what

chains do you hold on to that secretly

weigh you down release them for they

serve no purpose but to complicate your

life further do not fear the potential

humiliation that may accompany Letting

Go embrace the freedom that awaits you

for it is only through surrendering

these chains that you can truly

soar my child cease dragging the burdens

of secrecy shame and hidden sins do not

let the fear of Discovery keep you

Shackled allow the light of Truth to

cleanse your spirit and guide you


Liberation embrace the freedom that I

jesus offer and walk forth unencumbered

by the chains that have held you captive

for far too

long my beloved you sense that something

is a miss that there is a certain hold

over you that inhibits your

progress I ask you what is this thing

that you cling to so tightly what has it

truly offered you in return consider the

sacrifices made for this thing that you

refuse to release what price has been

paid on your behalf has it truly brought

you any

benefit the truth my precious child is

that it is costing you more than you


why do you honor and Empower this thing

why do you bow down to its influence why

do you allow it to hold sway over you

and those I love it is time to question

its Mastery over you what is it that you

hold on to that holds you back what

beliefs habits or emotions imprison your

soul I urge you to let go for you owe it

to yourself your heavenly father and

your future to release these chains in

addition to releasing what holds you

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