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Your Victory Is Near | Gods Message Now | God Message Today

[Music] my beloved child do not ignore my voice

as it lovingly reassures you do not fear I am with you you are not alone you will prevail

even though it seems everything is against you your Victory is near don’t

close this video don’t leave this page this isn’t just coincidence if you’re hearing this

message it’s because your time has come I’m ready to reveal something Supernatural to you deep down your soul

knows it your spirit senses it you are on the verge of experiencing

a powerful and extraordinary Miracle with simple and genuine faith I

can perform miracles in your life this is something I urge you to listen to

understand Embrace and accept with love I know you’re in a tough spot but

take it easy because I’m already working in your favor you might feel confused the noise

in your mind might drown out the gentle voice of my Holy Spirit don’t block your

ears don’t let the frustration from your mistakes overwhelm you don’t be harsh on

yourself forgive yourself I know you once felt strong but

now you feel your strength fading I know you’re tired you feel weak but my power

is made perfect in your weakness now I want you to stand up

confront this situation boldly and pay close attention to what I am about to say do not fear those who lurk in the

shadows with cowardly intentions let these words rekindle the flame of my love in your

heart you will learn to face challenges and tough situations you will climb

walls defeat armies and stand strong in battle like a mighty warrior

do not be disturbed by those who gossip and accuse you nor by the storms that appear on the

horizon I am your God and I am with you I am your father and my deepest desire

is to protect you like a precious child you are shielded by my arm and no

problem or enemy is too great for I will grant you Victory you will succeed for I am the

master of gold and silver the provid of your needs I lift up the humble and righteous

but I bring down the deceitful and abusive who threaten my flock victory is yours I am your source of

strength run to me in the midst of the storm I am your rock of Salvation your

Refuge your God do not think that this situation will end your happiness or steal the

success that awaits you you have devoted yourself to your family and approached

me with your faith ignited feel it your heart leaps with

joy my power is already working miracles in your life because of your faithfulness and your active genuine

Faith do not worry you have taken the step and I am here for you you have called out and I am

answering I will grant you many more years filled with wisdom and you will use them to spread my light to those

still in darkness know that When you pray I listen wait in your heart for my

response give me the chance to change your outlook and accept my truth I am

your path your life your strength in my word there is power I want you to grasp

what I’m telling you when you hear my voice and nourish yourself with these words of love I am the answer to your

problems in my hands I hold the key to your Liberation today

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