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my dear child I am here for you as a constant source of light and hope I am

your lord your God the one who guides and heals

you in the midst of all that is unknown why should you be

afraid I am the Solid Ground of your life protecting you against the uncertainties and challenges that come

your way neither the strict judgments of Earthly rulers nor the serious words of

doctors can outshine the wisdom and knowledge I give you I am the ultimate

judge the highest Authority my voice directs the course of your

fate as the creator of the heavens and the earth I have the power to lift you

from the depths of Despair wrapping you in a love that strengthens your

heart don’t be influenced by those who doubt who make fun of your faith and Devotion to me they live in a world of

misunderstanding not seeing the Miracles that I in My Endless Love bring into your life treasure your connection with

me for I love you without conditions I provide for you forgive your mistakes

and support your [Music] spirit see how I have blessed you with the ability to overcome challenges and

move forward with a renewed sense of purpose don’t let doubts Cloud your mind

when you face trials these these challenges are not your downfall but

opportunities for my glory to be seen in your life for you to become stronger and

more determined don’t be afraid of disaster for it will not reach you stand

firm with unshaken spirit and Clear Vision even when you feel weak know that

I am there to strengthen you against Despair and defeat I am your anchor in Stormy Waters able to lift you above any

failure or setback your journey is far from complete there is much for you to

accomplish many paths to explore imagine the day when many will recognize your

perseverance and I in my endless Grace will honor you with my love this will be

proof of your unwavering faith and devotion in our sacred relationship you

will find the strength to conquer everything Guided by my Everlasting

Light for those who trust their souls to me me who live with firm faith in my

words and the truth of a life beyond this one I promise a wonderful

reward in my domain I will shower you with blessings cover you with my light

and show you the amazing Miracles that will touch your family and home my Mercy will comfort you and in your house my

peace will rule if you listen to me and open your heart I will fill your life

with my presence giving you deep wisdom the riches I offer aren’t temporary they

are the ultimate gifts Eternal blessings Harmony in your home and strong Health

that overcomes all challenges those who trust in me will never be ashamed you as one of my chosen

are meant for great things a future full of Hope and success even when the world shakes and

its foundations wobble your faith in me will keep you firm you are precious to

me no harm will come your way nor will any sickness enter your home angels will

guard you protecting you like a Divine Shield remember I am a god of both

Justice and mercy always ready to forgive no matter how far you’ve strayed

or how deep your wrongdoings are my arms are always open ready to welcome you

back with love and forgiveness from morning to night all of creation speaks of my greatness and beauty

I call on you to live in my ways to seek fairness to be kind and to treat others

with love and respect each day I Am with You guiding and protecting you no matter

what challenges you face in my presence you will find peace wisdom and the joy

and strength you need to overcome any obstacle no dream is too big no goal too

far away the road to your success may be tough but trust trust in my divine plan

which will reawaken your passion and give you the courage and bravery to keep going until you achieve the wonderful

rewards for your faithfulness and devotion you are deeply loved by me my

love for you knows no bounds and I will never leave you I am Jesus your closest

friend always with you ready to comfort guide and be your Eternal companion I

long to fill your life with peace and happiness don’t be afraid for today my

blessings are pouring out on you I am here to heal your body mind and soul to

erase past pains and brighten your future my words are a soothing touch for

your spirit revealing the special plan I have for you even with storms raging

around you I want you to have a day filled with blessings and happiness a day like no other you’ve had before my

words are meant to heal to give life to your soul to calm and lift you up they

are my gentle touch driving away any feelings of sadness confusion or sickness my love surrounds you bringing

calm peace and a Heart full of Hope and excitement I want brighter days for you

so I encourage you to hold on to your faith even when things seem impossible trust in my words for they

are the gentle touch that can trans form your days filling them with joy Clarity and health In My Embrace find the peace

and happiness you seek for with me all things are possible trust in me and watch as your

life unfolds in miraculous ways stay rooted in my love for my words

are a source of renewal for your heart don’t be held back by

fear your enemies have already been defeated their power reduced Ed you

don’t have to live in a place of darkness and confusion those around you will soon see

the Amazing Grace that surrounds you convincing them of my undeniable

reality this realization opens the door for change reshaping not just their

present but their Eternal future I am always here to give you peace healing

every illness whether it’s physical or emotional I promise to free and save you

from Spirit spiritual battles and deep-seated pain that steals your joy embrace the freedom I bring from the

fears that have blocked your path I am here to break the chains of Despair that

hold you back unwavering in my presence in your life I am a constant friend

never leaving you my love for you is immeasurable and I stand with open arms

ready to offer grace and patience eager to lift you up if you ever wander away

know that you can’t go beyond my reach my acceptance of you is

unwavering today I give you the sign you’ve been waiting for a promise to reveal my deepest truest feelings to

your soul you are uniquely made and soon you will realize your special place in

my plan expect a change in your life a transformation that only I can bring

about the restoration I’ve promised will be yours in abundance don’t mourn past

losses I promise Pro to make up for them twice over harm meant by your enemies

will miraculously turn into blessings your joy will grow your dreams will be

refreshed and your heart will be filled with new confidence and happiness take time today to talk with

me privately let’s talk about your dreams the worries that keep you up at

night don’t worry about debts or obligations I am here to take care of

your needs if you ever feel down exhausted burdened by your flaws and

lacking motivation don’t be upset or feel guilty my compassion for you is

endless remember I gave my life for you and the power of my resurrection is your

guarantee against defeat and despair Don’t Fear the dangers of this

world you are ready to face challenges bravely you are not one to give up I

know your heart you are precious to to me deserving of my trust always

committed and hardworking in your spiritual journey getting ready for what’s to come your efforts are not

wasted you work hard facing obstacles without fear your character is strong my

beloved child know that I cherish you deeply my love for you transcends time and

Circumstance I say to you today do not allow the storms of yesterday to darken

your faith or shake your spirit for you have ever been brave even when

gripped by uncertainty you have faced trials and

overcome this indomitable nature is what I celebrate in you and why great

triumphs await just over the horizon still understand that success

does not require ceaseless striving rest has its place tend Stillness as you

would a garden nurture comp passion in this way you water the seeds

of your highest self the one I see when I look upon you with a father’s infinite

love for this is the self destined not just for worldly gains that soon fade

but for The imperishable Treasure of an awakened heart yes awaken that expansive Spirit

now lying dormant within you let humility be the sunlight that feeds its

growth for Pride builds walls between Souls while humility builds Bridges and

simplicity clears away needless clutter making straight the path before

you how I long to walk with you upon that path to infuse your days with

Whispering guidance patches of shade when the road grows wearisome the warmth

of my presence understand I am not some distant deity enthroned in an

unreachable heaven but your truest companion through every every step of life’s winding

Odyssey I Am The Wind Beneath Your Wings I am the quiet voice urging you onward

through the silence within and I am the Unseen hand clearing obstacles from your way smoothing the terrain and preparing

blessings to rain upon the seeds of Faith planted in your heart have you not seen evidence of this

guidance dear one scattered all throughout your life are breadcrumbs on the trail hints of my workings in a

realm beyond words where you see coincidence I author intention where you

see chance I architect fate you need only open your eyes to behold the story

I am telling through your days it is a story where every scene Whispers my love

if you have but ears to hear it so come and listen now with renewed presence

give me your focus undivided there is something urgently needing to be spoken

between us something your soul must hear or risk growing deaf to the highest

callings I have placed upon your Life Path the hour grows late beloved time

Humanity’s great illusion seems to Quicken its Pace with each passing Sun

the age now Dawning will be one of tremulous change confusion unparalleled

destruction unprecedented and those who walk without Faith’s lamp to light their way will

stumble many will fall utterly for the road ahead grows ever more shrouded in

Long Shadows and Gathering Gloom I do not say this to frighten you dear heart

but to stir vigilance within your spirit the days approaching May at times

seem filled with more Darkness than your small flame of Faith Can Pierce but if you nourish that flame shielding it from

The Winds of fear feeding it through prayer its light will spread to encircle

those you love then you will behold my truth a lone Flame when multiplied

through willing Hearts can illuminate even the Blackest Night so come together

in my spirit you and your beloved ones let holy discourse plant seeds within

your home let Faith bind you to one another through shared reverence for all

that is sacred for have I not brought you loved ones for a purpose are not bonds of

family the iron chains that can anchor one another through coming storms

then do not take them for granted tend to them daily through small acts of Love

forgiveness compassion joy in this way the eye of the storm

will find you not battered mercilessly but joined in a Circle of Grace the

trials that await will test even the noblest Souls but fear not the approaching

Darkness for yours is the spirit of luminous Faith let not even Whispers of

forboding unsteady your steps or weaken your resolve remember the adversary plotting

your downfall cannot see beyond this Mortal plane his vision is bound by

flesh fragmented by linear time not one of the enemy schemes eludes my awareness

his plots cannot help but play straight into my plan so fear no outcome beloved

walk with your back unbowed through every narrow passage ahead for I March

beside you clearing a path invisible to Mortal eyes my angels encircle you in a

fortress impenetrable my glory shines upon you the light of , triumphing

Suns together we tread where no adversary dares set foot ours are the

steps foretold since time’s first stirring Destinies beholden to No Force

save that of divine love if those you hold dear speak words that burn lay

accusations at your feet even question our bond understand I alone see the Unseen

forces goting them toward division but you radiant heart your task is never to

meet hostility with hostility only by absorbing anger’s sting can we transmute its poison to

nectar so meet uproar with uncommon calm answer back arrows of Injustice

with extend Ed hands of reconciliation in this way Grace and goodness gradually soften hardened souls

for hearts closed today May yet open tomorrow wounds harboring traces of bitterness can sweeten in time’s own

time if only we water them with patient unconditional love love is the Eternal

force that never falters its power is limited only by the fragility of human

choice in any given moment but over time expanse its light is

unconquerable no dark it will not eventually warm remember this as events beyond your

control conspire to steal peace from your spirit anchor to the promise that Divine

love will eventually resolve all in the interim there may be passages

shrouded in uncertainty conflicts seemingly unsolvable heartaches will arise like

unwanted night bloom but just beyond Faith’s Horizon awaits a bold New Dawn until its arrival come sit

with me in the early morning Stillness let us bask in quiet communion as day is

born innocent there your soul is unencumbered able to receive my guidance

untainted by the den of the world the concerns that keep you awake through the little hours are effortlessly absorbed

into my light just as I watch lovingly over you my precious one so every

beckoning babe and wandering W finds Refuge Beneath My Wing not one is

excluded or forgotten all are destined for Glory even those who temporarily

lose sight of the way for the Redeemer of wayward Hearts am I my sole task is

the sacred stewardship of souls yours cherished one is but to walk your walk

through fleeting hours upholding Faith’s standard mile after mile righteousness

is simply the right action in each footstep no more do I require of you

than body upright heart undivided sight trained on Heaven’s Horizon beckoning

Yonder if you stumble I am there to break the fall when you wander my staff

gently guards your return and when Love’s lamp gutters in the storm I

reignite its flame with Divine breath reminding you ours is is the perspective

of Eternity freely chosen listen do you know the Wonder of

standing Beneath The star-filled Sky that’s just a glimpse of the vastness and beauty that exists

Beyond I from those far reaches constantly send goodness to this world

unseen forces driven by pure love tirelessly work for

everyone those open to kindness are never alone in difficult times

Your Role precious one is to keep faith strong stand resilient against life’s

storms my part is to guide and protect your loved ones showing them the path to

Salvation from Realms governed by love every solution will arise don’t worry

about what will happen worrying changes nothing where fear appears let love

gently dispel it with warmth and light where anger and hate show up love is

there to transform and heal when hearts are caught in Anger love calls us to see

the bigger picture to embrace Unity this is the only way Humanity can truly

flourish remember those Trapped In Fear And pettiness can’t escape their own cages until they choose to see the world

differently no Force except their own will can free a soul from its dark

Corners we can’t force anyone out of their struggles we must patiently wait

keeping hope alive until they’re ready to reach out as you go about your day carry this truth with you stand tall

wasting energy on doubts or fears is a loss you are moving from Darkness into a

new dawn of Destiny the challenges of the past are fading your future is too

bright to be overshadowed by them Cast Away any thoughts of defeat or ruin

those images no longer Define you your mind now sees the Eternal truth a child

of strength facing life’s challenges with confidence and certainty ahead is the light of

redemption a place free from harm and destruction we move forward together as

far as love can take us these truths I’ve written on your heart create the reality you live in share this message

let others keep it alive through their voices don’t add to your burdens with

worry come walk with me through the beauty of the world let every tree vine

and field speak of my story then share it in your own words those who see your

strength and devotion will be amazed your faith can light up the hearts that have forgotten the

Divine together we bring about a new dawn the night and its old ways

reluctantly give way to a hopeful Shining Light the Shadows flee from our

united front rejoice in this message of Triumph the pl I have set in motion are

impervious to defeat the love I offer you is too invaluable to be cast

aside picture yourself walking into a future that shines with endless promise

where darkness no longer has any power or place the far-off kingdom of shadows

will reveal itself as nothing but a fleeting illusion powerless against the dawning of a new era that is already

breaking Over the Horizon lift your eyes high and embrace this vision

As Time Marches on your life unfolds as a narrative worthy of celestial Acclaim

each chapter written through your deeds and choices with your thoughts attuned to my

guidance let your actions exhibit my Essence in every challenge you encounter let your words become a vessel

of my light bringing comfort and a warm invitation to join in the celebration of

love you are laying a path marked by the golden steps of your journey leading to

a peace that endures eternally I etch these words onto your spirit’s Vision ensuring their imprint

remains clear and guiding through all the unfathomable stretches of time ahead this truth resonates beyond all

confines in my guidance you find security under my care no Shadow can

overshadow you following my path you navigate through life un threatened by

hidden dangers or unforeseen losses as you expand your circle of influence no adversity will have the

power to harm or uproot you hear this assurance embrace it and believe in the

certainty it brings my child come to me with an open and humble heart I see you struggling

under burdens too heavy to bear and I long to lift you up though the path seems dark take my

hand for I will guide your steps listen closely and you will hear my gentle

whisper draw near to me through prayer and study of my word here you will find

a firm foundation on which to stand when doubts and trials rush in like a flood I

know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you and give you hope trust in me even when you cannot trace my

hand I have appointed this time for you to grow in faith and wisdom consider it

Joy when You Face trials of many kinds for through them your character is refined like gold cling to me the anchor

for your soul I will never fail you even when others do the schemes of the enemy

seem formidable but rest assured that I have already won the victory on your behalf not even the gates of hell can

Prevail against my purposes you need not fear the future or condemn yourself for the past the blood I shed cleanses you

from all sin and my grace is sufficient for you I remember your frame how I

lovingly knit you together I know the very number of hairs upon your head you

are precious and honored in my sight come to me when you are weary and heavy laden and I will give you

rest as a father has compassion on his children so too do I have compassion on

you my beloved one I will quiet you with my love and rejoice over you with

singing I Delight in you you bring me joy I have called you by name you are

mine and I will never forsake you even if a mother could forget her nursing child I will not forget

you I have engraved you on the palms of my hands your name is continually on my

lips be strong and courageous I am with you wherever you go

no one can stand against you all the days of your life I will give you everything you need to fulfill the

purpose I have birthed in your innermost being your unique gifts and talents are irreplaceable in bringing glory to my

name listen for my voice attune your ear to the whisper of my spirit I will

instruct you in the way you should go and teach you what you need to know my sheep know my voice and follow me stay

close and do not stray after other voices test every Spirit against the

plum line of my eternal truth I have given you power and authority to

tread on snakes and overcome all the power of the enemy nothing will harm you

as you carry out my plans take up your position in my heavenly courtroom approach my throne of grace

with confidence knowing I hear and answer when you call upon my name make

your requests known so you may receive and be filled with Supernatural Joy the one who dwells in the secret

place of the most high abides under the shadow of the almighty say to me you alone are my

refuge and my place of safety you are my God and I trust in

You Keep Your Eyes Upon me not on your circumstances though a thousand may fall

at your side no harm will overtake you no plague will come near your home walk

by faith not sight set your heart on things above not on Earthly things

fix your eyes on the Unseen Eternal realities Yet to Come the Troubles of this world are light and momentary

compared to the glory I have prepared for you do not weary yourself chasing after things that do not

satisfy come find your rest in me alone I will give you the desires of your

heart according to the riches of my kingdom turn from Evil and do good seek

peace and pursue it I will be found by you when you search for me with all your

heart listen for me speaking deep within the Kingdom of Heaven is near at

hand surrounding you even Within You by my spirit be still and know that I am

God I will be exalted among all nations and known throughout the Earth as the one true God I tenderly gather my people

as a Shepherd gathers his Lambs carrying them close to my heart I lead the humble

and Afflicted binding up the Brokenhearted freeing captives releasing prisoners from

Darkness those who sew in tears will reap with joyful shouts though weeping

endures for the night Joy comes in the Morning Light Beauty Will Rise From the

Ashes beloved do not be anxious about your life


[Music] be


still before me in returning and rest you will be saved in quietness and Trust

will be your strength cease striving and know that I am God my plans for you stand firm I know the

way you take and when you sit down and rise up even the darkness is as light to

me I formed you in your mother’s womb do not fear for I have called you by name

you are mine when you pass through rivers and walk through fire you will not be burned or overwhelmed for I am

with you my ways are higher than your ways my timing is perfect wait and hope

for the goodness I have promised keep your tongue from evil turn from lies and deceitful speech pursue peace

and uplift one another with your words Speak Life call forth Destiny and

purpose over situations and souls let my word richly dwell within you as you

teach and admonish one another with wisdom worship me in spirit and in truth

this is the sacrifice I desire come now though your sins once stained crimson

they shall be white as snow if you are willing and obedient you will eat the good things of the land I

promised long ago taste and see that I am good there

is freedom where my spirit Reigns I lift burdens and remove heavy yolks though

waves of Sorrow come my faithfulness remains my blessings overtake you

because you obey me and keep my commands you are the apple of my eye

precious honored loved I Rejoice over you turn to

me now with fasting weeping mourning Rend your hearts in grief and return to

me for I am gracious and compassionate I overflow with loving devotion and mercy to those who repent

come Feast at my table where your cup overflows let not your hearts be troubled for I have prepared a place for

you do not worry about your life or fear for the future my grace is sufficient and my loving

plans for you are good I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you and

give you hope stand firm in your faith persevere to receive the Crown of Life

reserved for you rejoice always pray continually give thanks in all

circumstances this is my will for you do not be anxious but present all

requests with Thanksgiving then my peace which transcends

understanding will guard your mind in Union with me abide in my love as you

meditate on my word which has taken root deep within let it richly dwell and flourish among you as you teach one

another with Grace overflow with insightful questions wise answers joyful

songs hyms of praise from genuinely thankful Hearts speak truth gracefully

patiently build build up fellow Heirs of Salvation encourage Unity spurring each

other onto maturity the fields of opportunity stretch far and wide abundant and ripe for Harvest yet there

are so few who are ready to gather it is a time of great need for more laborers

those who are willing to engage in the essential work that lies ahead I am calling for those who will join in this

crucial Endeavor for the battle is not just in the Physical Realm but also

against unseen adversaries who seek to undermine the good that is being done

therefore I equip you my faithful with the armor necessary for this fight in

the face of evil you must stand Resolute your loins girded with the belt of Truth

and your heart protected by the breastplate of righteousness be ever prepared with the gospel of peace and

let your faith be as a shield strong enough to quench the fiery darts launched by the adversary the ancient

serpent known as the devil or Satan who deceives the world this is not just a call to arms

but a summons to a higher purpose to engage in a struggle that transcends the physical and enters the realm of the

spiritual You are not alone in this fight I Am with You guiding and

empowering you stand firm equipped with the strength and protection I provide

and together we will overcome the challenges that lie ahead arm yourself with the helmet of

salvation and wield the sword of the spirit which is my word use the scriptures to dispel

deceptions following the commands of Christ through your steadfast Faith the

old serpent the deceiver is crushed underfoot stand firm in this faith

praying fervently and persistently making heartfelt petitions for all who are devoted to me you have not been

burdened with a spirit of fear that leads back to bondage instead you have


received [Music]

a [Music]

[Music] the spirit of adoption allowing you to call out to me as your father I prepare

and train you for a purpose aligned with my will aiming to gather the ripe fruits of your faith and labor at the right

time stand mature and confident in all that I desire for you I have rescued you

from The Realm of Darkness and brought you into the Kingdom of Light my faithful Grace endures forever extending

across generations to those who respect me keep my Covenant and follow my

commands I have ensured that those devoted to me remain steadfast walking

in light and imparting wisdom to their offspring rather than slipping back into ignorance therefore walk on straight

paths pursuing peace and guiding the young sha evil Embrace good deeds and

you will dwell in the land I have generously given Embrace humility and listen eagerly for divine instruction

unlike the willful who stumble and fall without guidance I save those who approach me with humble and a struck

Hearts unlike the stubborn who are headed for ruin due to their pride wise individuals understand the

path ahead and instruct the inexperienced in the wisdom pass down through generations ensuring that the

steadfastness of Faith continues to those who are obstinate and far from

safety headed towards destruction turn back now I am ready to pour out my

spirit and redeem the contrite and willing to learn my word has been sent to heal and deliver anyone who chooses

it experience my goodness which is immeasurable for those who seek me

blessed are all who find refuge in me rever me you devoted for those who honor

me lack nothing

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