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my beloved Child come Rest In The Refuge of my presence let go of the indignation

burning within for I have seen every slight and Injustice committed against

you though scorn and contempt were undeservedly given cling not to

resentment or thoughts of Revenge I will vindicate you in proper

time for now fix your eyes on me alone and walk the path I’ve called you to

use your gifts to glorify me as you complete the work I’ve assigned you none

can hinder my purposes for you soon enough those who spurned you will look

on from afar ridden with Envy as you thrive and prosper they will question

why they failed where you succeeded but the bitterness within bore rotten fruit bringing this fate upon

themselves their words and deeds seeded destruction returning now to plague them

I do not allow them to share in the Bounty of your destiny for they disqualified themselves through

pettiness and jealousy had they chosen wisdom’s path this story could have unfolded

differently but they pursued their own ruin through schemes and backbiting

their Day of Reckoning is coming while you will go from Triumph unto Triumph I

have not forgotten a single wound they inflicted and perfect Justice will be served

for now a Great Divide separates you from their vitriol like moths to a flame they

Circle longing to dim your light but my Brilliance exposes their futility and

repels their attacks you hoped they had changed dreamed of

reconciliation but without repentance and restitution healing would prove elusive so protect your heart yet walk

in Grace no weapon formed against you will will ultimately succeed I know you

grow weary Beloved the loneliness tries your soul but my presence brings you

comfort and hope my spirit Whispers truth drowning out the lies assailing

your mind you are my precious treasure bought at the highest price my song of

Joy over you will never cease nothing in heaven or Earth can separate us forget

those who turned away release them from your thoughts and fix your gaze upon the

destiny laid out for you do not seek retaliation for Injustice done leave

judgment in my hands your trials Were Meant to prepare you for greater responsibility and favor the time of

testing ends and promotion begins those who dismissed you will now watch from

the sidelines as I showcase your gifts before multitudes in former times I hid your

light for they would only exploit your talents for selfish gain but obscurity flees your moment in

the spotlight arrives dreams long deferred now manifest in splendor for I

take Delight in blessing my beloved yes those who spurned you will be flooded

with regret and wha ifs but pay them no heed their season of access has

concluded your lives now travel separate paths they may Pine for the chance to

reconnect but your eyes are fixed on higher things things for unspeakable joy and Supernatural peace are yours stay

quick to forgive those who brought you pain leave Justice in my hands continue

walking uprightly for this brings me joy great rewards await as you follow my

ways the Broken Road leads to increase and restoration for all the enemy

stole my grace sustained you through deep Waters and now overflowing

blessings chase you down where there was lack now abundance Springs forth streams

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